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Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines(2003) RETROVIEW

Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2015, 6:09 PM
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So....let's start this with a negative......this films is not directed by JAMES CAMERON......grrr I still not started and is already pissed me off.

Ok, let's slow down a bit, this is not the worst movie ever made, the problem with this film is's suposse to be a sequel of The Terminator and Terminator 2 Judgment Day, and not only contradict both films even make T2 POINTLESS when you see the whole series in retrospective....but it's major flaw is's disappointing compare with it's predecessors, and counting that both T1 and T2 are a couple of the best sci fi action films ever made, you except no less than greatness with something like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, just the tittle alone sounds like this was to be a Prequel telling the events of how John Connor became the savior of humanity and see the birth of the Human Resistance, that's what most people (me including) thought this was gonna be the story of this film, mostly because, T2.....CLOSE ALL THE PLOT POINTS in the story, so it was impossible to make a continuation, the most logical choice was make a prequel....I hate PREQUELS but for Terminator it was the perfect idea.........NO, it wasn't a prequel.....ahh god.

Let, let start with the positive first, because as I said, this is actually an entertaining film, with some really funny scenes and cool action with some great special effects, so let see what safe this to be consider one of the worst thing ever.


-Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator T-850 Model 101: This time a very tiny different his model is actually a 850 series and not the classic 800, I think is a popular mistake a lot of people thinks is the same exact model, but isn't, just a little of fun facts XD, I have to say, Arnold is probably the best part of the film, is defined this time the more interesting character and his interaction with John although different still gives a very likable chemistry with the 2 playing opposite to each other, I like this one is a little bit more aggressive than the T-800 of the last film, not giving too much crap to John bitchiness XD, my only nitpicking will be that although this suppose to be a "Different Model"....some times he does stuffs that John teach the previous Terminator like he was the same one, and that was kind weird, but overall Arnold is defined the best part, my favorite scene of him is defined this, I think probably...the best scene in the movie with one of my favorites LINES of Arnold ever:

-Nick Stahl and Claire Danes as John Connor and Katherine Brewster: Nick is defined not better in my humble opinion than Edward Furlong, but he is suitable for the role and did the best work he could do with the little substance the script have as well Claire Danes, I really like some of his scenes in the film and they have some good Chemistry, so for the film they are okey, favorite scene with them have to be this one in the van:

-The action and Special Effects: While I gonna say NOT ALL the action scenes are good (wait for the bad), the car chases and the overall SFX of the films are AWESOME, once again Industrial Light and Magic with the always awesome collaboration with the late Master Stan Wiston is unbeatable, and the animatronics and effects are great once again, sadly we enter the era of the CGI and like was expected they add SHIT ton of CG over great practical effects, but thankful is still looks great and is not bad CG....for the most parts ^^;, defined the best action scene showcase great stunts with Special effects have to be the Truck chase scene:


-It have....funny scenes:.....Ok this is half half.....half good, half bad at least for me, I know the majority hate that this film have a lot of comedy, and yes I do it too....but that been said......there are some hillarious scenes that make me laugh so that's have to count in some way :D 

The Ending: Actually the darkest part of this film and the only one with some Theme and substance is defined the the only one in the entire series were the heroes....loses, human kind couldn't prevent Judgement Day and we sat to depressingly see John and Kate realizing they never were able to prevent the Nuclear Holocaust to happen....its a very sad and memorable scene and defined for my money is my second favorite:

But that's it all...from this point on.....ohhh I gotta hate this film, let's just go to the bad already:


-It fuck up the Timeline and make T2 POINTLESS: Not only this film claim that the Judgment day can somehow get...DELAYED, but with this claim it make TOTALLY POINTLESS all the events that happen in T2, all that movie was made in vain if you count this film as canon (something I don't do). The plot of this stands that Judgment Day is inevitable and no matter what they do is gonna happen, so yeaah and your son almost get killed in VAIN...great right?. This was just a pure merely excuse to make this a continuation and goddamned  did this piss all over T2 just to justified the events of this piece of disappointing....not to mentioned.....HOW the hell Skynet is build in this film??....every bit of information was destroy from Cyberdyne and the remaining of the first Terminator along with it back in HOW??? they never explain that, just a BIT of exposition could have fill that PLOT HOLE but they never give it to us.....and no not tell me there is a COMIC or a EXTRA DELETED SCENE....or a the film, that is NEVER EXPLAINED not in the normal cut, if the DVD have that scene....well fucked too damn fucking late.

-It's a self Parody U.U: Ok this part cover what I said earlier about the humor....yes I laugh to some scenes, BUT.....the TERMINATOR FRANCHISE IS NOT FOR LAUGHS, T1 and T2 are 2 incredible dark and sometimes depressing what the FUCK they were thinking adding this film so much humor and comedy, even paroding some scenes of T2 making them for the BAR T2 is a violent introduction to Arnold Terminator showing how badass and savaging ruthless he is at that point, just a brute killing T3....the same happens and instead of been a Motorcycle Stripper club, with a Ladies night theme so in the scene is this gay dancer that Arny take his clothes.....WTF?? WHO THE HELL THINK THAT WAS OKAY:

Fuck this scene.

-The Terminator fights are...Cartoony: Like I said, not all the action scenes and special effects are great...sadly the fights involve the 2 Terminators are a really big let down, mostly cause, instead of make them intense and scary....they opt for make then...Over the Top and cartoony?? WTF??, you remember the sense of fear and chilliness of the T-1000 vs Arnie T-800....Well here is the T-X vs the T-850 u.u:

When I saw this scene for the first time I was sad....what the hell happen? I wasn't afraid or in fear for the T-850, I was shockingly saying to my this a Saturday morning Cartoon or a Terminator film?

 -No Terminator Theme at the Intro......Okay I know the theme is play at the end and this is Nitpicking...but NO, the Terminator films NEED to be at the begging not at the end only, immediately I watch the opening credits I was....what, where is the THEME?? where is that awesome score of Brad Fiedel?? and sadly this will be something that will be carry over in the rest of the sequels T.T

-NO THEMES: you folks remember how much I praised how deep the previous 2 movies get with their under themes, like humanity depending on Machine, self sacrifice and all the rest intriguing and provoking questions T1 and T2 raised.....FUCK ALL THAT, why this movie needs BRAINS, psssst, let's make it no deep and linear as POSSIBLE. With the exception of the bleak ending, there is no substance, no emotion in this, it's just a mindless action movie with a bit of sci fi in, nothing more and that's a shame if you compared with the previous ones. 

-The VILLAIN: So....let's make a quick Recall.....Terminator 1, the villain: THE T-800.....AWESOME; Terminator 2, the villain: THE T-1000, the thing of NIGHTMARES...WAY MORE AWESOME.........Terminator 3, the villain: THE T-X......lame :angered:....seriously so many POTENTIAL this character have and all wasting, not only they trade all the menacing treating feeling out of the previous villains, just for add, sex appeal?? not get me wrong I love sexy villains, but if she is not treating then she cannot work as an scary villain. The actress for the part of the TX is Kristanna Loken I not gonna say she is a bad actress, but sadly I never see anything from her that impressed me, well I have not see too much of her so that will explain...that been said....she is not good in this film at ALL, plus the T-X suppose to be a more powerful model than the T-1000, but sadly in this film we don't see how?? she get her ass kick a lot and her weapons get even damage during the film, and when ever she does something that is suppose to be scary, she manage to look somehow cartoony nothing close to the menacing and scary portrait that Robert Patrick give us with the T-1000:

Ughh......but all that is nothing compare with the MAJOR insult this film give all fans of Terminator....the biggest flaw this movie have in my opinion and the major slap in the face in all the franchise:

-NO.....SARAH...FUCKING.....CONNOR: Like Linda Hamilton was smart enough to read the script of this and say....fucked I not doing this with my character, they decide to.....kill off Sarah Connor character.....OFF SCREEN....let me say that again.......THEY....KILL OFF....THE MAIN PROTAGONIST IN THE FRANCHISE.....OFF SCREEN.....the character that was all this was all about, the character that we all grow up favorite character in the damn WHOLE SERIES.....GRRRRAYAGDASTDA....ok calm down, calm's not like they didn't mentioned her at ALL during the whole film and give her a proper goodbye scene right?? just one scene, a bit fo dialogue explained what happen to her.....and we NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN, that high wanna know how bad this is it.....I couldn't find any video with the scene in You Tube or ANY's like everyone deleted any bit of trace of that this scene exist, no joking if you find the scene, put it below in the comments so I can add it to this rant. 

Not only I hated this part, it was so bad that it was the first time I remember paused something to take time for digest what I just heard and watch (yeah I didn't see this one in theaters), like I said in my previous reviews in both T1 and T2 Sarah have always been my favorite character of this franchise and kill her off in this pathetic way, was just too damn much and this is something I couldn't still get over with more of 12 years pass fro the release of this film, it's just so stupid and unnecessary for the story to continue that I always have find it insulting. I said, this film is not the worse, yes as a follow up of the consider best sequel ever made....this was really, really disappointing, I understand if you are not a hardcore fan and probably start your Terminator experience with T3 you may like it, but for us hardcore fans of the first and second, this film is just MEDIOCRE at best.

Ratting: 4.5 out of 10 

Well Next week it all comes to an end with Terminator Salvation......let see how that one go:

See you next time folks.

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