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Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) Review

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2016, 6:07 AM
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A little late, but non the less....LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS LITTLE MARVEL :onfire:

You folks knows I'm an 80'boy so like many kids growing up in the 80' and 90' yep I was a huge fan of the original Voltron series, me and my brother always watched it and it was one of the first series that inspired me to "TRY" to draw something.......I made emphasis on TRY, because I never could draw VOLTRON or any Mecha giant robot for more than I try, so as far I recall that was the first time I realize how freaking hard was drawing something like a Robot (of course should have been logical but I was a little kid who dream big back them :D), anywhoo back to the present, when I heard Dreamworks wanted to make a remake or reboot of Voltron, I kinda roll my eyes to the idea, mostly is not the first time someone TRY (again big letters) to do that with this show, and let's just say the results are.......underwhelming yep I wasn't excited for this.......UNTIL ONE LITTLE BIT OF INFORMATION DROPS to the internet..........what little info you ask??.....oh nothing big, just that the people in charge of making this new attend of reboot are......THE AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER AND LEGEND OF KORRA STAFF!!...........................................MIND BLOWING right there, I wasn't even saw a picture and that's was enough for put me in the side of this project, and when the first couple of images where post.....I was not just punk for this, I was OVERDRIVING HYPING all over it. And once again so happy to didn't disappoint at all :D.  

There is no bad, but I have a couple of meaningless  nitpicks so let's address those before the goods:

-No Voltron Theme: The music of this show is AWESOME, but I think they really missed to make an update of the original Voltron theme, that theme is godlike awesome and as much the new one is good, it's no near close to the as unforgettable as the Original:

-The one dimensional Villains: Not get me wrong, this is a trade that was also in the original, and the baddies in this show are truly BADASSES (seriously King Zarkon here is one bad MOTHER FUCKER.....fuck I not fight that dude, nope, nope, nope), but they are just you know evil, and when you got the people that made both Avatar and Korra behind, they could have give these characters a more deep range of emotions and motives......BUT as I say this is just a nitpick and besides this is just SEASON 1, that's something very easy to correct in season 2, so I have big hopes they perfected these, and please bring back Prince Lotor, he was my favorite Villain in the original and I can't wait to see what they do with him in a new version :la:

And that's pretty much all the nitpicks I have, like I say they are just that meaningless nitpicks this show is EXCELLENT so let's talk about the goodies shall we.


-The Animation / Character Designs / Backgrounds: This just like Avatar and Korra have the highest quality you can get from an American Cartoon, the animation rivals any anime from the current era, the redesigns of the characters is AMAZING, I love all redesigns here, from Princess Allura to Sven (now Shiro just like in the Original Japanese rendition) all looks amazing, and that Avatar/Korra flavor and style is present to the entire thing, from the expressions to the way the characters move, it was just like watch Korra......with Giant Lions and space opera battles XD. The redesign for Voltron have to be the most impressive, the Lions looks better than ever, and the CGI is use excellent here, despise be a little noticeable it blend very well with the hand draw animation, love the use of colors with the Lions, they pop out so colorful every time they were on favorite redesign goes to the Black Lion, that Lion was always my favorite and he looks so badass in here, my favorite character redesign goes to Allura, yep dark skin elf like princess........yep expect a fan art of her in the future XD.

-The Story:
My god did this people did an UPDATE to this show, not get me wrong as a nostalgic franchise Voltron was a show that I loved as a kid and despise the concept was amazing, it really didn't old too well ^^; now is one of those shows that you can't watch again, it's really repetitive in formula and very dated, but this crew manage to take the concept and EXPAND the mythology of Voltron to new levels, blending spiritual concepts with technology and magic, giving the pilots a connection with each Lion, and avoid the cliche of the Monster of the week episodic formula, each time Voltron have to fight something it feel like SHIT GOT REAL, and they have to really fight smart, just like Korra and Avatar even the monsters are HARD AS FUCK TO KILL, it's not like the original that pretty much they form Voltron and puff bad robo is death.....NOPE, they have to figure it ways to defeat their foes and also the majority of times we follow the Pilots facing treats without the Lions or Voltron, giving them so much needed developed and giving us the audience more reasons to root for them.

-The Characters:
As the Original show, the characters are all back (with the exception of Lotor......waiting for season 2) and with awesome personalities and some unique changes, all are very likable, funny and resources when it comes to take decisions in battle, the updates and stories are great for each character, specially Shiro the now black Lion pilot, he and Pidge have probably the deepest stories in the show besides Allura and the most reasons to fight the forces of Zarkon from all others pilots (OH By the way they actually make that the uniform Pilot colors MATCH the Lion they piloted, in the original only Hunk and Pidge colors matched their lions), I also love how they turn Lance in pretty much SOKKA, I know this probably is lazy, but I don't care, finally Sokka and Bolin have an spiritual successor XD. All the characters are great but my favorite Voltron character have to be Pidge, and not only in this show he was also my favorite in the original.....but got to say, what they did with Pidge in this show........yep you made my favorite character of the old series more AWESOME and.....cof, cof....appealing to me XD, good job Avatar crew, you keep impressing me.

-The Battles and Action Scenes: Yep let's talk about one of the signatures styles of these people......they now how to make a fight TRULY BADASS, and the fight and battles here are all just that BADASS, from the human vs aliens hand to hand fight scenes, to the Lions battling space ships, giant Beasts to........ZARKON.....yep not gonna spoil that but again....NOPE, I NOT WANT EVER TO FACE THAT that's a King that take seriously get his HANDS dirty, so overall the fights in this show are every bit as epic as the fights on Korra or Avatar was:

Overall this is an amazing show, big props to the team behind it, from the QUEEN of voice cast Andrea Romano, to the producers Joaquim Dos Santos and the always awesome Lauren Montgomery, To the guys in Studio Mir who once again show us how amazing they can be in animation, to the people on Netflix and Dreamworks from give us all the 11 episodes to enjoy all in one shot, all did such a phenomenal job here, and now I can easily say.....this is the best version of Voltron ever made, I hardly can't wait to season 2 and i TOTALLY, TOTALLY RECOMMENDED it.

Ratting: 10 out of 10 (with a Korra seal of Approve).

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