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Darwin Nuñez
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The Peanuts Movie (2015) Review

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 15, 2015, 4:28 AM
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Woo, Wo, Woo,... Woo!! wo wo Woo?!!, Wo, Wo, wOO......WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (*Translation* Here is my late review of..wait!! what happen with???...Oh no...I'm an Adult now, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

Better late than never. Since the premiere last week I was desperate to see this film, I'm not gonna say that I was the biggest fan of Peanuts, but as any person alive I grow up watching some of the specials and reading the newspaper strips, and of course I love Snoopy and the entire gang, so I was FREAKING WORRY this movie could ended been another SMURFS or some crap like that :fear: because of the studio behind this.....BLUE SKY STUDIOS :fear::fear:...not get me wrong there are some movies they have done I find enjoyable, but they have never made something seriously remarkable either, and they have done tons of CRAPPY films, so, yeahhh, *WORRY INTENSIFIES*.......but I really happy to report...this isn't just a good film....this was ADORABLE GOOD....FREAKING HEART-WARMING GOOOOOODD!!! :love::love::love:

So is anything bad I can say about it...............errmmm....mnnnn,...welll......There are some minimum kinda pop songs in that count as bad?? No.....ok I got NOTHING.


-Its Still the Good ol' Charlie Brown XD: I'm so glad this movie AVOID any pop culture Modern trance like so many others animated films like to do, there is no one Laptop, or Tablet, or Facebook or Twitter reference here to find, nothing of that garbage you saw in the Smurfs, this film is as classic Peanuts it can get, all the characters are the same we remembered, and that's PERFECT for this film, is more faster in style that the old specials, but beyond that, it keep intact the spirit of those old comic strips I use to read from Charles Schulz, and I can ask for a better treatment to a nostalgic franchise like this one......I wish some other companies have that same respect for OTHERS nostalgic properties.

-The Story: This can't be more Peanuts that this......the plot is around the most simply thing they could find....New girl moves to the town, Charlie crushes on her....the entire film is about Charlie trying to impress her and not let her see his loser side....and in old fashion Charlie Brown style....he fail miserably XD, making once again that lovable underdog we just want to success. I love this story, it didn't try to make something SUPER over the top, or ambitious, but it works, it's kinda PERFECT, and it have some incredibly valuable lessons for kids today can learn, it's the perfect family film to see in times like the one we are living now, I can't recommended MORE to you folks take your kids and watch this film with your family. 

-THE CHARACTERS: I love all these characters, Everyone is incredibly well use in this film, despise this film is just a hour and a half long, is impressive how they manage to give everyone enough screen time and dialogue, all so likable and unlikable when need it (Oh Lucy, you insufferable jerk.....I still love you). I love specially how cool they made Snoopy and Woodstock, they are adorable and I so glad they use the original voice actor Bill Melendez using recordings of previous specials and films, that was incredibly respectful of Blue Sky Studios so kudos. Charlie Brown is just so damn freaking LIKABLE a great figure to new generations of kinds try to emulate, he is just such a good person, no matter how much bad things happens he try his best every time and in times were ANTI HEROES REBELS are the popular characters kids now see as inspirations, characters like Charlie Brown reminds us to try to be a good person, I find that so much inspiring than anything else, specially in times like this, that's why I find characters like Captain America and Steven Universe as great role models to kids today. My personal Peanuts character is Lucy....yes I know a lot of people hate her for the way she treat Charlie, but I just find her so funny, no matter how despicable she can get XD, oh and Patty and Marcie are just adorable, Linus, Franklin, Sally, Schroeder....damn everyone is so likable is impossible not love these characters.

-The Animation: I know people gives a lot of shit to CGI these days, but.....seriously CG can't stop IMPRESSING me, how in hell they manage to capture that style of the classic Peanuts specials in this GORGEOUS and Stylish CG animation is beyond me, but they did, and this movie looks just GORGEOUS, even more they add little details that where hand draw in the same style as the classic comic strips, I love when animators put their all and add different styles, this is undeniable one of my favorites animated films this year.

I just can't praise more this film, is beautiful, with a lot of heart and respect to the work of Charles Shulz, so if you wanted to see a good family film this week, give this one a watch....oh and stay to the credits, there are some little funny classic scenes there XD.

Ratting: 10 out of 10.

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