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Kill la Kill series Review

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 12, 2014, 12:49 PM

Hi folks, I just finished to see this series and I want to share my thoughts on it, before I start, I gonna warn you, I liked the series but...I didn't love it as much as so many people that over hype for this series. It have a lot of good moments, it's better than a lot of trash Japan is keep throwing at us today, but too this series suffer a lot of have the same problems I think a lot of animes have now, so I just wanted to be clear on that. Did I hate it??? hell no, but the problems it have make me stop 2 times to watch the series it as soon the episodes were aired, well I think this introduction is been too long, let's start talking in details:

Let start with what I hate of this series, there are some things before I talk about what I love:

The Bad:

-Fan Service overdose: Ok this really sound hypocrite of my part, a guy who mostly draw is fan service complaining about the huge amount of fan service....but here is the thing, as long the point and focus of the story keep flowing without problem I never will hate the fan service, but recently animes shows think they NEED to throw echii, yuri, moe, yaoi and all this kind of stuffs in every single episodes even in moments I really think, they distract it the story, and too much fan service is never a good thing, when I first saw the trailers of this series I never imagine will have this much of crazy stuffs on, but I can handle that if the characters not become an stereotype of others characters...and sometimes in this series the characters are just that....worst they throw stuffs like Incest with the main characters and that's something I don't like at all in a normal series...if is a hentai I completely have no problem but in an action series, I don't think this blend ok...probably is me, I don't know but this make me stay away from scenes that NORMALLY I love to see in anime series, specially echii and yuri scenes that I normally love, but in here I was like..."WTF THAT IS YOUR DAUGHTER?? YOU PSYCHO" if you know what I mean ;) PS: FUCK I hate all the times Aikuro have to show his "shinning" parts all over the screen...damn that scars me for LIFE.

-The Animation: again like in my review of Legend of Korra, this is 50/50....I feel a lot of times this "stylized" type of animation they can get away with ton of scenes begin lazy, but they over do it, there are some scenes in this series that looks like "South Park" or some kind of flash animation, seriously and it was intended to be like that, but there are episodes were the animation was like this the whole time, and that was a huge mistake and miss opportunity and because when they actually animated god it was badass....but I will talk about that more in my "GOOD" Segment part.

-The Villains: Ok I'll go a head and I'll say it....I HATE god I fucking hate this character, since she shows up her cutesy nose for first time until the moment she sorry I mean she suicide (talk about anti climatic...sorry for the spoiler). What I hate about this characters is the fact that, she never look intimidating to me, she was cute, funny, a little crazy, over the top, but never intimidating, some times she flip a little but they never show her in full crazy mode, so she came out for me more annoying because, it was suppose she WAS a treat for the characters, but no, I never saw her like a treat, I just want to jump to my screen and slap the living hell of her cute smile away from her, this kind of characters only work as villain if you showcase how mentally disturbed they really are, like Harley Quinn, Baby Doll (both from Batman TAS), Darla Dimple (Cat's can't Dance) and Jinxs (League of Legend), but they only showcase her more as a MOE type of character, more like a good girl (and probably she is one of the more popular character for this), that's just made me hate her more....The others Villains were Ok, not as great I was expected and that's a shame, if they give more screen time to Ragyo I will like her even more, but came out for me a little under developed, just for give Nui more screen time, but neither any kind more of developed.

-The Story: I think is not bad, but I neither think was that epic, I think they could throw more enemies and give more developed to some characters, like I said nothing bad, but I don't know, like I say before the huge amount of fan service characters ruined a lot of moments for me and plus the over hype of the fans.

OK ENOUGH of the Bad, let's talk about what I like in this show:

The Good:

The Characters and Characters design: DAMN I love all the designs in this series (yes even Nui), but even if a couple of characters were kind of annoying for me, a lot of them were pretty memorable, like Mako...I love this girl, you never can't anticipate what crazy random thing she is willing to do to help and support her friends, she was one of my favorites characters in the whole show, along with Gamagori, love the loyalty of him and every time he shows up was comedy gold :D, specially he and Mako (yep perfect couple right there :D), the rest of the 4 devas were pretty cool and they were probably the more developed characters in the whole show, but my favorite character was Satsuki Kiryuin, for my money she SHOULD be the main character of the show, way more cooler than Matoi in every sense of the word, she was determine, always with an ACE under her sleeve, and all badass when it comes to fights, she have all my favorites moments in the show (except the ones with her mom.....that scars me). Probably my less favorites are Ryuko Matoi and all the Nudist Beach revels, they are not bad is just they are not that Matoi case as a main character I feel she was way weaker, she always need somebody who help her in some way, or depend too much in Senketsu for fight, was easily to manipulate her even brain wash her (damn even at the level of kiss her father killer...WTF??), Still I didn't hate her, I think she stood sometimes as a cool character, and she was pretty badass when she have full control over her powers.

The Animation: Like I said half bad...half good, when they weren't lazy, the animation was pretty damn BADASS, specially on the fight scenes, and like legend of Korra when they were in the finals chapters the animation improves a lot so I couldn't complain, what I love the most is that Studio Trigger do not use CG animation in any part as far I remember and that's always I will appreciate as a fan of traditional animation, the colors and backgrounds were amazing, top notch, and I can't finish this without talking about the transformations sequences, that's the kind of fan service I always will appreciate XD. 

The Last ACT: Like I said, I stopped twice watching the show, because some parts of the story were really annoying for me or at some point I don't feel the show were showing any good stuffs, but thankfully the last arc in the latest episodes (20 to 24) the story hook me up again and I keep watching until the very end, not was the most epic last arc I ever see, but was entertainment enough to keep me watching, my only complain is the anticlimactic way the main Villains were defeat, but everything else was pretty cool.

The Soundtrack: The openings and Endings songs don't do nothing for me, but the rest of the songs and tracks for the series were pretty cool, specially the battle themes and the transformation song :thumbsup:

Over all, I think this is one of the few animes in the last 3 years I actually could seat and watch despise all it problems, I don't recommended it, I don't this is that GREAT as everybody is saying, was less disappointing that a lot of Japaneses shows now, but not the best, there are some animes I have watch of the actual era that are better and I will take time for reviewer them later, but Kill la Kill it's entertaining enough for watch, so if you got time and don't have problems with over use of Moe, Yuri or Echii's stereotype and not have problems with incest situations this anime is for you ^^;

Final Ratting: 7 of 10

PS: I probably do a couple more of fan arts of this series, people seen to love it a lot the 2 I made of Matoi and Satsuki, let me know if you wanted I draw more fan arts of this series if I have the time I probably do it and let me know who you probably one to see the most ;)

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