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Constantine TV Series (REVIEW)

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 26, 2015, 7:36 AM
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Ok I been giving too much love to Marvel...I start to feel like I been cheating on my girlfriend, so let's give DC some deserve love shall we.

Let's talk about a series that give Marvel's Daredevil a run for his money. I remember when I was more young and reading the Wizzard magazine, always get intrigue every time they show a cover or some art of Hellblazer, but I never get the opportunity of read any of the comics, but the moment I saw the 2005 adaptation of Constantine with Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, I became fan the character, seeking to read some of the books (even I could really find too many, so I can't say I'm an expert of Hellblazer as much I wanted), a lot of fans didn't like that film, I always consider that was a really good movie despise not be a faithful adaptation, it was still an awesome film, full of demons, angels, atmosphere and a rich mythology, so I was wondering when they gonna make a faithful adaptation to this character.....well HERE IT IS:

So before I get to all the positives things of this show, let's addressed the ONLY negative thing that this show have.


-IT WAS FUCKING CANCELLED......WHYYYYYYYY????: Seriously NBC.....SERIOUSLY, a show as GOOD as this one. it really pissed me off when networks cancelled awesome shows just because "RATTINGS" a show gonna make good ratings with poor ass promotion and only just 1 fucking season. There are some rumors that PROBABLY......PROOBABLYYYY we get Constantine back in ARROW, even Stephen Amell (Oliver Quinn / Green Arrow) have said that is on the table still a possible crossover now that in season 4 of Arrow, magic will be a theme, I really, REALLY, REALLLYYYY HOPE that's become true, because if not.....that will be a BLOODY SHAME.

Ok that's it, sorry for the little rant, so let's go to our business.


-The Premise: Hellblazer premise alone fit TV gold like a freaking GLOVE, John Constantine is a demon hunter that after a failed attend to safe someone life, he wants nothing with the paranormal world, but no matter how far he wanted to hide, evil follows him, so after he receive a warning that a woman close to someone he once knew is threaten by Demons, "the Master of the Dark arts" is force to return to his work, and with the "Rising darkness" becoming stronger everyday, John and a pair of allies start their crusade to fight the forces of the supernatural and paranormal in a very every day basis.....for John Constantine.....that is just TUESDAY. We got to see, possessions, Voodoo, Zombies, Satanic rituals, you name it....this show have that in expense, every episode is just awesome, see John solving mysteries was a joy, and before someone say....."Supernatural ripoff".....errr....HELLBLAZER INSPIRED SUPERNATURAL SO... go say that other place.

-The Intro: Awesome, short...sweet XD, sorry I need an excuse to put this intro here :D:

-Effects and Cinematography: Normally I not talk about that part so much in my reviews, but I need to talk about that here, Constantine not just look awesome for a TV Show standards....but if you turn in a random episode in TV without knowing, you would believe that it was a Movie. With a few minor occasions, the effects always looked amazing, using CGI at minimum and a lot of practical effects and camera angles, Constantine world create an excellent atmosphere, totally dark and gritty, with ton of blood and amazing creature designs.

-Cast and Characters: As any good story, great characters is what make something from just good to bloody awesome, and with an small cast of recurring characters and an awesome assemble of support actors during each episode, Constantine gives us some really cool and memorable characters to remember in his short 13 episode run. All the actors in this show brings his A-CLASS GAME to the table, this doesn't feel like a CW cheesy show, and all was because the acting here was amazing, all the cast did an excellent work, creating these characters. We got Lucy Griffiths as Liv Aberdin in the first episode and she was awesome, Angélica Celaya as Zed Martin, another awesome female character an artist with Psychic visions that help John a lot to solve the cases, Charles Halford who plays Chas Chandler, a totally justified performance that bring this character the justice it need it after Shia LaBeouf nearly bastardize the character in the 2005 film, and Harold Perrineau as Manny, an Angel assigned to supervise John in his mission, say that Harold was an good addition to this show is fall short....he was freaking FANTASTIC. But undeniable the best aspect of this show is indeed his titular character, so let's talk about the con artist of the Dark arts himself.

-Matt Ryan as John Constantine: This is just another example of PERFECT CASTING, despise I still like a lot Keanu Reeves in his part of the Constantine film, we all agree.....he NEVER PLAY CONSTANTINE, he did an awesome character yes....but not John Constantine. So did Mr. Ryan nailed the role?......FUCKING YES!! he not only did justice, but he is JOHN CONSTANTINE, he embodies all that Constantine suppose to be, he is rash, rebellious, fast with the talk and a trickster manipulator that we were waiting to see, he was fun as HELL literally, I could watch an entire hour of Mr. Ryan as Constantine just talking to a mirror and still will be worth time expend XD, if I ever make a list of perfect casting choices Mr. Ryan will be there along with Karl Urban, Robert Downey Jr, Gary Oldman, Charlie Cox and Hugh Jackman. For me will be a waste if Matt never play this awesome character again, so I really hoping that the idea of bring Constantine to the Arrow universe be true.

Overall, if you wanted to have a good time watching an awesome show, even if is cancelled, I still recommended this one, despise the cancellation, it's a fine paranormal show, full of atmosphere and a witty fun clever main character, that will keep you entertain each episode. 

Ratting: 10 out of 10

Oh and yes I totally forgot to review the seasons finales of Arrow and The Flash, so I planning to take some time this week to talk about those shows as well, let's take this week to show DC some more love :D

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