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Ghost in the Shell Trailer (Thoughts)

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 16, 2016, 4:46 PM
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:love::love::love: OK let's talk about THIS :onfire:Squee! by AddMedia :onfire:

You guys know I'm a HUGE fan of Ghost in the Shell....I have said time and time again that the 1995 inspired me to become a comic book artist, so I been paying super close attention to this film since they first announce it and you guys know my opinions about the casting, Director, Writers, etc. So FINALLY we got to see how this thing is looking. Well this was release last Sunday and I wanted to wait a bit to talk about it to see how the world will react to it....and so far pretty positive reception.....and what can I say? I have seen this trailer like a BILLION times already.....I truly don't want to hyped on.....but......DAMN THEY GOT ME!! hate you hype, hhateeee youuuuuuu!!

I...I can't believe this, this trailer look like a shot for shot remake of the 1995 movie, I have never seen this level of care on a JAPANESE ANIME adaptation, visually this looks and feel like far Ruppert Sanders a the people behind this production have show that they actually wanted to make a really faithful representation of the Ghost in the Shell Universe and I have to give them props for that, good fucking job. But (here again that word :D), there are some little issues and all are in the story, and that's why I took my time to not immediately do an analysis without see this over and over again.

Let me address the elephant in the room before talk about the trailer.....NO I DON'T GIVE A SHIT about the casting and the "white washing" the internet want now days complain about, just like I mentioned on my Doctor Stranger review, I don't care if they cast people of different ethnicity, color, race, what ever, if the person is talented enough to play the part that is what really matter, and as I said long ago when the news of the casting drops (that in my opinion, that was the RIGHT TIME TO COMPLAIN), I explain why cast an American actress wasn't a problem due the fact that The Major is technically just A BRAIN in a cyborg that could look the way they wanted, so cast her white, Asian, black, etc wasn't any problem, and there are Asian members in the cast (Takeshi Kitano as Aramaki, Chin Han as Togusa and Yutaka Izumihara as Saito), would have been awesome have a lead asian actress?, YES, but is Hollywood, they need to get people SEAT in the theater so, that's why they need a big name and so far, Scarlett Johansson looks completely like the Major Kusanagi, so no complains there.

With that out of the way, here is what make me a little worry:

-Story Changes:
So far a TRAILER is no near way to get an accurate idea of what the plot of the film could be, but for the little information we got by watching the trailer, it looks that some liberties have been the trailer we can see a clear corporation is called Hanka is getting a lot of focus and for the synopsis of the film it looks like they are the ones behind the cyberization of Motoko and everyone in that universe.......but that's not the issue, the issue is....they say the Major is the "First of its kind"........something that in the manga, anime and films isn't like that, she is indeed one rare case of Fully cyberization body but she wasn't the only one neither the first that pass for this process in the GITS universe, like I said this line could be misinterpreted and in the film be referred to other thing, but as far the trailer goes it looks like they go with the....first human in a cyberbody kinda plot that gain Super powers.....and that's, well, pretty OVERDONE if you ask me, not that can't be done in a creative way, but I hope they stick closer on that to the source  material instead of make a dumb decision. The other detail is at the end when someone "presumably the Puppet Master" say to her that she have been lied, they they stole her life.....some issues I got with that are: 1...if that is the twist....why in hell they give us that in the TRAILER? and 2...that is not near as interesting as the twist of the first film *spoiler alert* of the Puppet Master wanted to merge with the Major to create a new form of hope we got some more interesting details in the plot, GITS have shit ton of great IDEAS that can be explored in a film, that would be very intelligent and interesting to explore and more refreshing that these I said, just by watching a trailer you can't tell, it could be more and very different that what we may expect, so I give then the benefit of the doubt. 

And THAT'S IT!!........Jesus that the ONLY 2 gripes I have, everything else looks AMAZING, I was having a nerd gasp when I saw Scarlet taking the coat off and show the almost NAKED Thermo-optical camouflage suit of the Major in the first movie....I never in a million of years imagine they would keep that, when several other versions of GITS have done this with normal tactical military suits, so that detail alone show a huge level of care and respect to the source material this people are taking.

Oh and IGN show an exclusive scene only show in the premiere in Japan, a remake of the classic "Making of a Cyborg scene" and the little I saw (I try to avoid see too much for have the surprise seen this on theaters instead) was....damn super can see the side by side comparison make by the fans here:

So visually, I SUPER HYPE, I little worry because this film can look as BEAUTIFUL as they wanted, but without a good scripts all can go straight to hell, but as far as make me interesting in support this film.......Ruppert WON the first round, keep it rolling.

So what you folks think? are you excited about this....or you don't buy a damn and pretty much put this in the same long list of Hollywood fails like Last Air Bender, Dragon Ball Evolution, Ghost Busters (2016) and Transformers....let me know in the comments, I really want to read your opinions on this one.

PS: Sorry for the grammar mistakes....I write this as fast I could after work ^^;

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