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Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) Review

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 4:04 AM
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Hi Folks, I just end watching this awesome show and really, really need to talk about it, because... IT DESERVE IT.

It's been a while since I didn't find something to watch that make watch several episodes straight forward and doesn't wanted to stop, well this series did it, and it's a huge surprise for me, I have heard about this show before, but I never was interesting to see see funny story, My childhood was the 80' and 90' (Yeah I'm Old I know) so by the time Cartoon Network start his golden era of "Cartoons, Cartoons", I was moving to watch cartoons to watch more serious stuffs, that was were I found and became a hardcore ANIME fan, and pretty much stopped watching anything that not wasn't japan related (yeah the douche kind of stuffs that anime fans sometimes do), the only american cartoons I watch in that time were Jonny Quest, Transformers Best Wars, Spiderman, Batman Beyond, Justice League and anything DC I barely stand watch things like Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd n Eddy, anything like that elude my radar of interest, so that's why I never watch Samurai Jack and the name Genndy Tartakovsky didn't mean nothing for me.......that change when I saw CLONE WARS (The Tartakovsky version). So when the decline of quality in Anime start in 2010, series like Avatar the Last Airbender, Transformers Prime, My Little Pony FIM, Thundercats (2011), Gravity Falls and Legend of Korra start make me realize of all the great stuffs I miss, so recently after the ending of LOK I start looking to shows that I miss and then we get to this awesome show, let start talking about it.

Sym-Bionic Titan is not only a love letter to fans who grow up watching Mecha anime classics such as Voltron, Mazinger Z, Gatchaman etc, this is a show filled with magnificent and fluid animation, amazing and memorable characters, terrific story and very mature and serious themes, I usually start looking at the BAD, but for a particular reason I will start with the GOOD, I need to talk the bad later, trust me that will be a rant.


My god were do I begin:

-The Story: I always say this, and it's a great advice for young writers that wanted to create a good story.....KEEP IT SIMPLY and complicate stuffs in the run NEVER START STORIES WITH COMPLICATED PLOTS, this show deal with that with EXCELLENCE, so his plot is really simple :D.  Escaping from their world torn for war Princess Ilana, the rebellious Soldier Lance and the Intelligent Robot Octus landed on earth and need to blend as everyday students in the simply life of the Sheman, Illinois city, Lance and Octus try to protect the life of the Princess Ilana from the menace of General Modula, who invade their planet Galaluna and now wanted to kill the princess in order to avoid she ever return to raise the people of the planet to fight back. He send all kind of giant monsters and creatures to kill the princess and this is when our heroes combine their Mech to form the invincible Sym-Bionic Titan to destroy the monsters and protect the citizens of Sherman. Not only is an effective and easy to follow story but when exceeds is as any good story should always's characters.

-Cast and Characters: This show have a great ensemble of awesome characters, all very memorable and likable, even the support characters grow and keep your interest on them, but the main stars and Villains are the show stealers.

Lance (Voiced by Kevin Thoms): The main hero of the story, Lance is a young rebellious and very dedicated soldier, who's mission it's always become first, it's thanks to his interactions with Ilana, Octus and the people of Sherman that he start becoming more human. His backstory is pretty awesome and his fighting ability is what make him a prodigy and the most talented soldier of his class, this guy is a beast when he is fighting:


Octus (Voiced by Brian Posehn): The advanced Bio-Cybernetic Robot of the group, Octus is the brain and the wise man (or machine) of the team, He uses Hologram technology to disguise and blend as the very rounded nerd Newton or as the posing Father of Ilana and Lance while they are in home. Octus is the most effective member of the trio, he provide all the intelligence tactics to battle Monsters and the wise advises to deal with any problems Lance or Ilana encounters in their everyday life on Sherman. But be a Robot not making him the cold emotionless machine you could expect he'll be,  Octus is capable to feel emotions and even fall in love with the most popular girl in school Kimmy the Cheerleader captain, usually this will be the part when the nerdy get rejected by the bitchy popular character.....but not in this case.........Can I say that these 2 are probably now one of my favorites couples?....because their ARE XD, Kimmy and Octus relation is just adorable, the way they treat each other and feel for the other in this show is amazingly likable, both have such an incredible chemistry and have some of the most hilarious moments in the show, such as this little gem here :D

Princess Ilana (Voice by the always awesome Tara Strong): Ilana could easily be the character that break the show and ruined been a damsel in distress or another weak female type of character....glad this wasn't the case, she is cute but strong an awesome role model for any girl. Ilana is the heart of the Group, she is indeed naive and her very class manner and gentle speech make her a total dork for her classmates in school, she believe is follow the rules and all those stuffs, but all that make her incredible likable and her outspoken and earnest personality make her a hero of her people, plus she isn't a pushover, when she need to fight she totally deliver, helping big time to her fellow male counterparts when involve fights, she is indeed my favorite character in the show. Ilana easily could be the prototype of Twilight Sparkle for Tara Strong, their very much alike :D, make her character as hilarious sometimes as you could possible imagine she can be:

I would talk about all the rest characters too like the malicious General Modula, the badass and mysterious Solomon, the kind and righteous King or any other but find videos of them in You Tube is not that easy, I let it by saying all the characters in this show are AWESOME and you will care for them undeniably.

-The Animation: Simply put....10 out of 10, this animation team really bring it with fluid animation, beautiful backgrounds and amazing characters designs that pay homage to classics looks from 80' anime characters, this series have a phenomenal action sequence one after the other, melting your eyes with awesomeness each time.   

So after all this, did this series have any flaw? is there any bad I can recall??.......oh yes it have one minor detail and this is why I address the bad last:


IT WAS CANCELLED.......CARTOON NETWORK YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!! WHY??? in HELL a network can cancel a show with so incredibly good writing and full of awesome and memorable characters with a terrific story and a beautiful animation like this show have.......oh the reason is simply..........let me quote wikipedia for this: the series was not renewed for another season, as the show "did not have any toys connected to it."......let me repeat that again in simpler words.....this show was cancelled....because CN couldn't make a FUCKING TOY LINE......a show filled with ROBOTS, ALIENS, KAIJUS, MUTANTS, AWESOME CHARACTERS DESIGNS.....they couldn't make a fucking Toy Line from this???......Young Justice anyone???.......I call this plain and simply like a FAT, BIG AND SHITTY TON Of BULLSHIT!! many awesome shows are gonna be cancelled by the same bullshit excuse, Young Justice, Spectacular Spideman, Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes, etc, c'mon, that's the lamest excuse for cancel a show, and yet it happen time and time again, and it's depressing, you know how much effort and creativity was put in this, damnnnnnn!!

Overall, even in the downside that this show is incomplete and just is one season long, it's still a masterpiece, that deserve to be watched and acknowledge, in hope of someday we maybe get another season or a live action adaptation of this show, that would be AWESOME...............wait, we got a live action adaptation of this actually, yeahh, I let the trailer in here in case you never watch it :D

Folks watch this series you will not regret it.

Ratting: 10 out of 10.

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