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Psycho Pass (2012) Review

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 26, 2014, 12:22 PM

Boy did I was missing a Good one for not listen to recommendations ^^;

First I need to apologize the lacks of updates on my gallery here, that will be fixed next week ^^; let's talk about some epic business.

I was recommended by a lot of you folks to watch this series, you guys know I love Cyberpunks and good old fashion Sci Fi action series, but my lack of faith for the quality of "the recent era of Animes" make me avoid this show for a long time, I watch the first episode when was Aired and while the concept looks great, some elements keep me thinking...oh boy here is another one is gonna disappoint me................again I was DEAD WRONG.

Some friends tell me recently to watch it, more for the premiere of the second series that they say is start great and then I give a second try with the episode 2 of the show, and that one seal the deal for me, I start watching yesterday, and I couldn't stop watching until today, it's been a while since I didn't saw an anime series that make me watch it like this. The first thing I should know before judge this show was knowing the team who developed this series............Production I.G, the people behind great series like Golden Boy, Patlabor and....GHOST IN THE SHELL.........heck next time I will be sure to check that first ;)

 This series is fantastic from begin to finish, great characters, fantastic story, amazing animation and more important..........a DAMN AWESOME ANTAGONIST as well as a DAMN BADASS MAIN CHARACTER......if you are like me, TIRED of school teenagers losers that only cry and miraculously somehow safe the day, or see the always cool villain who ended been a "misunderstanding lonely soul"..........yeah that CRAP is not here, this is a real deal, violent and awesome story with real likable but badasses characters, so let's see this in detail.....let see if we have some bad to report:

THE BAD: Mnnnnnn well err.....I hate the ending song, is that's count??........nop.........oh, well then I have nothing.


The Story: Like I say, this is stuffs of LEGENDS.... The universe of this story is set in the year 2113, the society is control by The Sibyl System, an artificial way to control humanity for create a better society by measuring the populace's mental states, personalities, and the probability that individuals will commit crimes, using a "cymatic scan" of the brain callED PSYCHO-PASS, imagine Minority Report but instead of Pre-Crime, they regulate the probabilities of someone be capable of kill someone by just scan you, well that's pretty much how in this story society works, and by using the Psycho-pass method they have avoided crime and make a better and more peaceful society....or NOT? :evillaugh:.... the Story follows Akane Tsunemori a young rookie inspector who is assigned to Unit-1 a division who deal with the people who are label as possibles criminals by the Psycho-pass, so when this people is become dangerous, Unit-1 step up and take then down using the "Enforcers", who are former criminals that are using as dogs of war to do what it's need to maintain order, in here Akane meets Shinya Kogami an Enforcer who's becomes obsessed with murdering a criminal mastermind called Shogo Makishima our main villain of the series.

This story blends perfectly drama and action and each episode is full of CONTENT and substance leaving you thinking a lot who is in the right side, and who's not? dealing with tons of psychological dilemmas of what makes a man a Monster, and how you can judge a person if he is really or not a criminal and if is right to do it in the way Sibyl do it....yeah that kind of good content, not idiotic fan service or exposition without sense or unlikable characters (talking to you Kill la Kill, SAO and SNK), keeping balance the time for give exposition with good character developed or each of the characters, showing how they operate and deal with any problem they encounter, as well of give you a good taste of the universe where the characters live. Love the technology they use and how they showcase the future in this series, really have a lot of influence of Blade Runner in the Backgrounds and vehicles as well of the use of holographic devices. In this series the most important thing is that you care and follow this characters and understand their motivations, something that newer animes have forgotten and instead give you ton and ton of idiotic Fan service, so I appreciate the balls of this show to avoid that and add instead a GREAT STORY.

The Villain: GOD THANKS, you know how much I hate when they fucked up the villain in an anime.....making them or too cool, or too way powerful, or out of nowhere A GOOD GUY who was just misunderstanding..............fuck that, I love baddies that have good motivations, and make you doubt, but that you are focus in one little thing................THEY ARE EVIL, and they suppose to be EVIL (yeah talking STILL to you Sword Art Online). And this series handle that perfect, with each of the PSYCHOS we meet during this series, but unarguably the best in the roster is Shogo Makishima.....this is the perfect example of "Loved to HATE" character, I love every second of him on screen but wanted so BADLY to punch him on the face myself.....that's the mark of a great villain, and Shogo knows how to touch every nerve in your conscience, different to annoying Villains like Nui (Kill la Kill) who just annoying you but never become a character than you respect and fear, This guy...........yeah you don't mess with him :fear:....HE MESSED WITH YOU (for the ones who have see the show already, you know of what scene I'm taking about.....that SICK BASTARD :cries::cries:) this villain.......and hate him so much at the same time :D, that so AWESOME.

The MAIN Protagonists: but what is a great villain if he have NO EQUAL, and this is the part I enjoy the most of this show, the main team and the protagonists, the worst thing that anime is doing now is making so weak and pathetic the main protagonist at the point that when they finally win, you always feel they pull of some DEUX EX MACHINA BULLSHIT from their asses to defeat the main villains.....that's why I hate so much the teenagers protagonist in school, at least when they don't have a good motivation and great characters trades (there are plenty good exceptions like Code Geass, Deathnote and so many more great shows that justified their teenagers characters with good stories), but the majority of times the protagonist in anime lately is a whinny little crybaby who never is aware of anything and need someone who teach him or safe his lazy ass all times................well this show give us a FUCKING BADAS and a very capable one, and so his team. Kogami is a plain badass, incredibly intelligent and resilient character, capable to solve any puzzle any crazy killer throw at him, and so the rest of his team. Then we have Akane, who is the opposite of Kogami....she is a rookie, and she is learning, and makes mistakes, but different to be just a crybaby, she is the one who grown up the most, from a fragile female Rookie, to a capable tough  Inspector and a valuable member in the team at the end been capable to maintain calm in situations no one probably will.

The rest of the characters are just pretty cool and easily to follow and relate, from their boss Nobuchika, the oldest member and veteran of the team Tomomi Masaoka, the wise cracker smart ass Shusei Kagari, the calm and silent Yayoi Kunizuka and the Analyst and computer expert of the team (and sexy) Shion Karanomori, all memorable and likable characters you will support and follow without a doubt.

The Animation: Knowing is Production I.G behind this, the least of your problems will be always the animation.....this guys not mess around, the animation is fluid and fantastic, the actions scenes are great and violent, and the CGI is using only is some Backgrounds, vehicles and Weapons..........oh, did I have not talked yet about the GUNS.......the "Dominators" WELL.....lets just say, that those guns, seriously KICK MAJOR ASSES :D and they CGI using on them blend perfectly with the animation of the show.

 What else you need....great setting, amazing music, awesome animation and great characters....I don't need to ask anything else, if you haven't check this series out yet, you sure need to give it a watch, more with the sequel series already started I can't wait to see what this team have store for us NEXT.

Ratting: 10 out of 10

  • Mood: Joy
  • Watching: Legend of Korra Book 4 E4




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I'm still writing the new episodes so that will take a while, but as soon I start drawing I gonna make sure you guys know the day they will be back :D
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