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Interstellar (2014) Review

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 14, 2014, 9:22 PM

Oh Boy, well this one is a hard Review to do without spoilers so...I'll try my best.

Well guys this was for a lot of people one of the most anticipated films of this year, directed by the awesome Christopher Nolan, it's impossible to say some were not excited at least a bit for it. So did it suck?, did Nolan finally did a bad film? (for the ones that still like TDKR despise the internet critics...yeah talk to you Doug Walker), or did he did a Masterpiece?.................well neither of both, at least for's a pretty ambitious film, with a fantastic stellar cast and an incredible cinematography work, both visuals and music...................but that been said, isn't perfect,'s a film that will make you theorize for days, and I see people make tons and tons of interpretations and theories about the film, just like 2001: A Space Odyssey  did..... is it as good as 2001?, well both films make critics and viewers scratch their heads all over the globe I let that question to you guys.

What I can say is that I loved, isn't my favorite Nolan film not even by a quarter, but still I really enjoy all elements of the film, but as I stay before is not perfect and I totally get why some people are having mix reactions with it, I will address the 3 elements that in my opinion are the reason some people may hate this film, and at the same time are their weakest parts:


-IT IS LONG: Yeah, that it's not been exaggerated, this is a long fact it's 3 hours long.....did it needs to be this long?.....NO, I do agrees with a lot of the critics in this, this film could deal with a better way to pacing the story and give the exposition in a shorter time, I understand why Nolan would wanted to be this long, but I think the story could have benefice of have a shorter run time, there are scenes that drag too much and in some others scenes the pacing speed up too much, making the film a little clunky. But again for me , I used to like long films, so I didn't bother, but I totally understand if some people complain about it.

-A LOT OF EXPOSITION: Not new in Nolan films, but in this may need a book for get all the exposition that will be throw at you merciless. I understand the subjects that this movie touch, NEED IT a lot of heavy exposition, but I think they could found some better ways to give all this in a more visually way, for me Gunbuster (1988) it's a good example of how they could handle more visually the Exposition without need it of long scenes of dialogue, that could make some people get lost or bore with some scenes.

-The Ending: oh, not for me, I totally get it and I like it, but yeahh, I called way ahead and damn that sucks when you see a plot line ahead time, and in a Nolan film, that's not a good thing (again trying hard to not spoil), but yeah some people didn't like the ending, talk about that would be lot of spoilers so I'll stop here.

Those 3 are the elements I find all the people who WILL hate this film are gonna point out....and yes they are not wrong. BUT that been said....the story and characters are handle incredibly well, so none of this subjects outshine an amazing put of display of the talent that Nolan have, showing once again he cane make good and intelligent stories, that will keep you on the edge of your seat, so let highlight the good.


-The Characters and Casting: Not gonna give a lot of details because I can't talk too much without give major spoilers, but the characters are great (the main ones I mean), very well handled even if not all are fully developed, all serve a purpose and I think work pretty fine, Matthew McConaughey completely kills it in here, this guy is indeed a fucking great actor. Also the rest of the cast.....Anne Hathaway character maybe the one I didn't care that much, and sometimes annoying me a little, but still she did a good job......the Daughter of Matthew character's in here is amazing too and you will care about her and their relationship....oh and BTW.....I fucking love TARS and CASE the 2 Robots in this film...yeah we have Robots too, and they are awesome XD.

-The Story and Themes: Again I can't talk too much about this....part of the charm of this film is that the Trailers didn't show us anything about what this movie is all about, so I will not spoil that for you guys....but I think once again Nolan did a great job with the story, and say that this film is HEAVILY influenced by 2001: A Space Odyssey, it's not say much XD. Like I mention early, the ideas and theories that this movie touch, Gunbuster and Diebuster 2 anime ovas from Gainax touch on these subjects very well if not more better, so if you have seen these, you are probably gonna enjoy a lot this film 

The Visuals and Music Score: Not gonna drag too much in's simply MIND-BLOWING, awesome visuals and a terrific score and another collaboration between Nolan and Hans Zimmer.

Overall, despise all problems some people obviously will gonna have with this film, I enjoy it quite a lot so, even isn't one of my favorites of the year, I'm still gonna recommended.

Ratting: 8 out of 10

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