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Legend of Korra Book 4 Balance Review (Thanks you)

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 10:11 PM

I'm not crying.....nope...not

Ok, I just comeback from watch The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies.....good film....but the only thing in my head the whole time was.....I need to talk about Korra, I need to talk about Korra, I need to talk about Korra, I need to talk about yeah.....LET'S TALK ABOUT KORRA XD.

Guys, this have been a journey, and sadly all journeys have to eventually come to an end, but damn I glad it end in a high note, and WITH A LOT OF BALLS, this season was simply put in one word.... Magnificent, once again Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino give us a hell of a great ride, full of great comedy, good drama, amazing action and a lot of heart. So it's any bad in this welll.... Oh BTW.....I will talk some SPOILERS IN THIS, sooo, SHORT VERSION....go Watch Legend of Korra, just do it.


WHY, END, WHYYYYYYYYYY???? no more Korra, no more Avatar series :cries::cries::cries:....what you expected something bad?.....I only have Nitpicks, so let call this segment...


-Kuvira's Back story: This is very close with the same gripe I have with last seasons Villains, but in this case, I feel that in season 3, THEY SHOULD build up better the relationship of Kuvira and Korra, I think they missing a great opportunity to introduce this character with a major build up, and make a closer relation with Korra that in THIS season give it a major stronger bond between them.....that been said, I love Kuvira anyway....I just Nitpicking.

-No GAANG in the End: Yeah a lot of fans and people complain about this one, I just gonna addressed it because I hear that a lot from the fans, but quite frankly....I didn't wanted to see Katara, Zuko or Toph getting involve in the last battle, yeah that would have been freaking awesome, but that too would have just been FAN SERVICE and nothing else, take that time of screen to give it to those characters would take some of the effort that they put in the actual main characters, so for me I'm okay with that decision, The Gaang already did his job in this world in the 100 years war, no need to get involve anymore......BUT.....damn at least a cameo from Aang would have been nice. 

That's all my little complains, that are just Minors nitpicking so, let go to the GOOD STUFFS.


Once again...god WHERE DO I'M EVEN BEGIN?? mnnnn Let's see the Villain of this season.

-The Villain...Lady Kuvira "The Great Uniter": Zelda Williams did such a fantastic work voicing this character, and just another more example than Bryke and Michael knows how to write a powerful and amazing Villains as well fantastic and strong females characters. I loved everything about this polite, yet menacing woman, the way she always even in the MOST despicable acts, use diplomatic tactics before she even try to do something, the fact that she only use force when it was needed and always wait to the "good guys" make something to provoke the action, even if she accomplish all this some times by manipulation, make her a brilliant strategist. Not only that, she proves to be a real deal challenge, go always in the front not fear getting her hands dirty fighting her own battles before using her army, in one word.....SHE WAS FREAKING AWESOME. Still I gonna give Amon the first place of my favorites villains in the show, but Kuvira get the second fair and square, see her fight was a joy to the eyes:

-The Story: How I put this in words....oh yeah.......THIS WAS KORRA'S REDEMPTION ARC.....finally I can say that after 3 seasons, this one was mainly dedicate it to KORRA, took the Avatar to her lowest level to get her in her strongest. In 3 seasons I always feel Korra was like the last important thing, season one was okay in that, but Amon stole her thunder....not make me start talk about the disaster of season 2, and in season 3, the mysterious  Red Lotus stole all the attention plus the Air Benders nation revival was given all the focus........this not was the case this season, from the very beginning to the very end was all about Korra, and restore her own balance, plus give it a close relation contrast between her and Kuvira.

-The Animation and Fight Choreography: If season 3 was EPIC in that subject.....season 4 was just, Unbelievable-FUCKING-Tastic, Studio Mir, deliver us their absolutely best work ever in the whole series, from the characters epic expressions (lot of Mako and Baatar Jr memes XD), to the awesome BADASSES FIGHTS:

-The Characters: Once more, the characters were incredible well handle, but this season was more focus on the Korra team so, some characters have not so much screen time (sorry Bumi, Kai and Kya fans, this was not your season ^^;), all Team korra members were great in this book and given them a lot of moments, from Bolin, to Mako, Lin, Tenzin, Jinora, Iki and of course.........FUCKING MEELOO, that kid crack the hell out of me in this season. I need to praise the use of all of them in the last couple of episodes specially when they go and all have their own missions moments time and all of them support in some way to defeat Kuvira, great kudos to Varrick and Zhu Li that were simply AWESOME in this and incredibly hilarious.....wait did I forget some one??....mnnnn no I think I got all...oh yes, Baatar Jr...meh he was an asshole, but he have some cool moments XD......someone else??.......mnnnnnn......oh yeah that guy....Prince Wu mnnn well I'm split with him.....he start incredibly annoying, but I got to admit, he grows on me at the end he  did okay, so yeah was fine...........what someone else I missing???.....maybe I gonna dedicate an entire section to the ones I let see.

-FUCKING TOPH BEI FONG: HELL YES :headbang:....every SECOND of Toph in screen was music to my eyes and ears....she was my favorite character of Avatar the Last Airbender so you can imagine my joy to see the best earthbender ever return to action and the "Melon Lord" didn't disappoint at all. I loved her chemistry with Korra and her voice actress Philece Sampler did such a fantastic work capturing the essence of the old Toph we all grow to love.....see Toph whooping the floor with Korra make the season 20% cooler XD:


-Villains get REDEMPTION: Another major point of the season, is that some villains return and get some well deserved redemption, like Zaheer and Hiroshi Sato, even in some way at the end I feel the same Kuvira redeem herself, showing that they were not one sided characters, but full multidimensional characters capable to show real emotion, creating some of the most memorable moments in this book, all this rhyming perfectly with the theme of BALANCE.

-THE END BATTLE and KORRA'S Jouney: for this I need to mentioned that my favorites episodes were all the ones involve Korra path to redemption like "The Battle of Zaofu" "The Coronation", "The Calling" and especial mention to my probably all time favorite episode..."Korra Alone" I seriously watch that like 5 times, 2 in a row, such fantastic writing and a great developed episode for Korra. But the last 2 episodes of this show were just FUCKING FANTASTIC, "The Day of the Colossus" and "The Last Stand"....not only remained me a lot of the end battle of the Sozin's Comet arc, when every character support in their own way, but this 2 deliver the absolutely more level of emotion and drama the series have may see it in its entire amazing run, all from the battle, the stakes, and the ENDING give us a hell of an exiting ride all in just 2 master pieces of episodes.......speaking of endings......there is something I have not talked yet so stop wasting any time and lets do it.


Excuse me for a moment......let me put this in here:

There is NO WAY IN HELL I not gonna talk about the major showcase of BALLS that Bryke and Michael have done in the series. First I gonna say, my absolutely favorites characters in the season were Korra and Asami, not even Toph change that, and once again the chemistry between them, was just PERFECT, love all their interactions and personal journeys in this season, both characters simply steal the season, major kudos for the decision to keep this until the VERY END cof, cof, I gonna try my best to not spoil this, but damn that part.....I was chanting YES, all the way to it's need it BALLS for make it and Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino showcase theirs break the floor of how huge they are.

Finally but not least, let's talk a little more about:

-AVATAR KORRA: Need it to say it, Korra finally show case she was worthy of been called "AVATAR" her suffering, her defeats, all this in this season serve a bigger purpose and it feel that way, I have no problem at all in this book with her when she was weak, getting her ass kick, or when she get defeat by Earthbenders or Kuvira, for first time ever all this feels that was need it to happen in order to she overcome her fears, and she didn't disappoint at all, Janet Varney did such a fantastic work voicing Korra and I gonna totally miss her :cries:

Overall what else I can say.......this season was Fan-fucking-tastic, shame on Nickelodeon for not put this on TV, and it's a shame we not gonna get more Avatar series, I so wanted a series of an Earth Avatar and a Fire Avatar, I hope in time we could make Bryke and Michael return with more, but if this is the end.......I'm so glad it end link this, I SUPPORT YOU GUYS IN WHAT EVER YOU DO NEXT, so, from the button of my heart....................................


Ratting: 10 out of 10 (with a BADASS SEAL OF APPROVE)

  • Mood: Sadness
  • Watching: Legend of Korra Book 4 finale AGAIN XD




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