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Darwin Nuņez
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Dawn of Justice, Teaser, Costumes WW (YEAH)

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 11:27 PM

Ok I just watch the teaser of the Dawn of Justice (THAT SHOULD BE THE TITTLE so I just gonna call the movie like that), and see the Wonder Woman costume, so..........LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT FOLKS!!

Well a couple of months ago I made a rant about THE CASTING of this film in case you wanted to read it just click HERE XD, in that rant I mentioned all my fears about this film and so far, some may have change.....SOME NOT, but let talk about what I like so far and see what you guys think about all the related pictures and costumes designs, again THIS IS JUST BASED in the LOOK of the costume, the teaser I saw and if they look like the characters they are playing so, let see.

First I want to talk about the BATMAN OUTFIT (HERE) because is the first one we all see months ago, they release a new pic too (The BAT CHIN XD)....and what can I say, SNYDER NAILED the costume, I fucking LOVE IT, just based in the LOOK (not the acting that we still need wait to see), Ben looks just like a Batman picture of the Frank Miller / Greg Capullo designs just coming alive and that's just AWESOME, so points in favor :thumbsup: Also the Batmobile looks pretty damn cool :D.

The Superman (Henry Cavill) Outfit (here) looks good too, for me is just a little updated from Man of Steel and that's great I loved that costume, so no need to make any major updates just they adjust the blue parts for be more bright as far I see and the Red cape and boots so all cool :thumbsup:

Now........the controversy GAL GADOT WONDER WOMAN........did they fuck it, did they nailed, did they do something COOL or BAD?? (See the Pick here)........well........................I LOVE THIS COSTUME!! I don't know and I still don't believe they cast the right actress (seriously Emily Blunt damn Snyder, go watch EDGE OF TOMORROW), BUT as far how she looks in the costume, I think she looks fine and the costume is GREAT (she need to eat more chicken still).... now guys I been WAITING TO TALK ABOUT THIS SUBJECT a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGG TIME, so let's be honest with our-self or at least I will confess...............I FUCKING HATE ALMOST EVERY DAMN COSTUME of almost ALL FEMALE SUPER HERO in almost ALL DAMN LIVE ACTIONS SUPER HERO FILMS ADAPTATIONS MADE TODAY.......oh why??? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!

Guys go back and watch almost all the movies in the modern day and age of comicbook film adaptation, with a FEW exceptions, I easy can say, that the female outfits always sucks, they are all: BLACK (or other little color, like RED or white) leather pants, with leather jackets, all imitations almost of the BLACK WIDOW costume (that is cool because she is like that in the comic, BUT NO THE OTHERS Super heroins), and I hate that because, I love Super Heroins costumes in the comics, but so far just a few movies take the right direction with their creative license to do a good adaptation of a super heroin costume, I hate the X-MEN FILMS COSTUMES, the Elektra, and Catwoman (in the Catwoman film and I was not so fan of the one in TDKR.......Michelle Pfeiffer costume is still the BEST), but this is exactly why I love this WW costume.

One is sexy as hell and is functional and TWO IS DIFFERENT and yes is a XENA LIKE COSTUME and honestly I think that's the right way to adapt the iconic Wonder Woman costume so I'm pleased at least in the looks, that is something you cannot take away of Snyder as a Director, he have a thing when it comes to adapt a costume and in my opinion WORKS, I like how he take all costumes in Watchmen (my favorite of his films), specially Silk Spectre costume that is one of the exceptions I take when it comes to adaptations I think this is defined one of the coolest costumes of female superheroes in film. so i HOPE Gal can convince me as this costume did, so far another point XD :thumbsup:

THE TEASER: Now if you have not see the teaser, I'm gonna describe it, I will like to put a link from the site I saw it, but probably that one will get deleted soon so  I recommended you trace yourself this trailer.....ok, in the Teaser, we get to see a very BULKY ANGRY BATMAN in the top of the GCPD getting on by himself the Bat-Signal.....and from the stormy clouds out of nowhere Superman appear (with the most BADASS red eyes glow you have ever see) and Batman eyes glowing WHITE ended looking very angry at Supes wearing his iconic FRANK MILLER BAT-ARMOR..............and then the logo XD: BATMAN V.....fuck that......DAWN OF JUSTICE.

So what do I think...well looks amazing, but, I have a ISSUE (so no points in my book for this).......they seriously going with the VERSUS thing, I know they (I HOPE) not gonna be fighting the entire film, but.....awwww why Batman need to fight Superman (I know they probably gonna find a good reason in the film), I mean, that works in the Frank Miller universe, it was a else great story, but you use THAT for build the awesome relation of companions between Batman and Superman.....I just find that so wrong. Besides, HOW Batman is gonna handle Superman?? in the comics Green Arrow was involve and that make a lot of sense in the story of the book, I have no heard that Green Arrow will be involve in this (of ALL PEOPLE CASTING....the one you need the most  for this story is not even get a mention), so again, HOW they gonna play a whole FIGHT between Batman and Superman that not make Supes a complete FOOL and weak hero for get his ass kick by Batman (you know if they are putting so many references of Miller...they PLANNING DO THAT RIGHT??......oh c'mon I hope no).

Visually the teaser looks fan-fucking-tastic, and is a GEEKGASM see finally in the same SHOT my 2 favorites Super Heroes of all times (well 2 of my miss Spiderman but that would be too awesome for this time know that will make TON OF SHIT MOVIE......just doooo itttttt :D), but as cool it looks I have a real issue with the VERSUS IDEA, I don't think now is the time, I always thought what Bruce Timn and Paul Dini did in the WORLD FINIEST (yeah that should be the tittle) animated episodes were the most PERFECT approach to make this 2 awesome heroes meet for first time, but that maybe is just me.

Sooo what do you guys think?? I just based my opinion so far in looks, I have no clue if this actors are gonna do a good job or if the movie will be any good, and still I'm a bit concern about the direction of the "versus" thing in this film, but as far how the characters LOOKS, I think Snyder have done a good job. Let me know your opinions, I wanted to know what you guys think about all this new stuffs......still I waiting to see Jesse Eisenberg as Lex.....did he will go full bald or he gonna do the Lex haired old thing of Gene Hackman?? Let me know all what you guys think I'm eager to read your opinions on this subject.

PS: AGAIN sorry for the bad sucking English ;)

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hehe really thanks, your stuffs are amazing too ;) only suggestion is start posting your work when ever you can and be consistent with your amount to submissions, with your style you can easily crate a good fanbase for any of your comics :D
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