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Legend of Korra Book 3 Review...(BACK TO EPICNESS)

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 24, 2014, 3:51 AM

"A Breath of Fresh Air".......this tittle from the first episode says everything I could put in words from this magnificent entire season :D

Not only this season was a refreshing return to the epicness from Korra book 1, but is as good as any of the 3 books of Avatar the Last Airbender, after the disappointing Book 2: Spirits that you all folks know I'm was NOT A FAN (see my rant HERE is you want to enjoy my anger XD), this was almost like the creators of the show read my rants and the ones that the rest of the fans complained, something that not surprise me, as Doug Walker (Aka. Nostalgia Critic) stayed in his reviews that he always feels like the creators somehow fixed everything he finds weak, or something always comeback with a GOOD explication......this is exactly what this season feels.

 We get, SOLID VILLAINS, a more wiser Korra, a Team avatar that this time HELPS, and everyone get a role to do, a more simpler and easy to follow story, a GREAT ANIMATION, incredible fight scenes, and so many funny moments, each episode of this season was better than the last, something not even good TV series or any kind of show can do.

 Before I start talking in details about all the things I love about this season, let me talk about the bad first....I know this was a great season, but I feel there were some things still need to be addressed, even it's is me just nitpicking:


Under-Developed Villains: Yes the 4 Villains were AWESOME no doubt about that, BUT I was so interesting in them that I was waiting for an episode focus in them and their stories, I wanted to know more about P'Li, about Ming Hua, abaut Ghazan and more about Zaheer T.T.....still this is just me nitpicking, this 4 were as awesome as Amon was.

Korra the Damsel in Distress ^^;: Well yes we got a more Badass and wiser Korra, YES......butttt (that form another word :rofl:) I'm still see a badass female character who cannot compete with Aang in so many levels, and I know she is not in need to be better than Aang, but I hate when I saw the Avatar State in use and still manage to get her ass kick by one enemy who as awesome he was not was OZAI under the Sozin's comet ^^;.....yes, yes, I know, I know she was not in best physical shape (cof, cof, I mean POISONED), but I want to addressed that at least and the fact that she was captured a lot ^^; but that show us a great moments with her and Asami kicking ass so like I say...this is just me Nitpicking ;)

THAT'S IT, that's all the bad I could find, everything else it's just freakishly GOOD!!


WERE DO I START THIS?? so many great things to cover....let start with the awesome 4 shall we XD:

-THE VILLAINS: Thank GOD for this!! of my major complains in season 2 was the villains, how LAME they were both Tarlok...I mean UNALOQ (fuck you lame imitation of Tarlok) and Vatuu. This 4 are a total different story......The members of the RED LOTUS: P'li, Ghazan, Ming Hua and Zaheer were just AWESOME, even if we didn't knew much about them, still they were interesting to watch, real threats to our heroes, and 4 legitimated bad guys that when they were on the screen, YOU HAVE TO FEAR FOR THE LIVES OF ANYONE WHO FACE THEM!!....  not only that, they have special abilities that make them as cool as Amon was....the SUB BENDING ABILITIES:

Lava-Bending: Ghazan introduce another style of Earth-Bending, the Lava-bending, literally he could bend rocks to heat up and create lava from any single rock available, this make the Earth-Bending even more interesting than before, not only Metal-Bending is a sub-bending already but is possible to Lava-Bend too.....FUCKING AWESOME!! (I love Earth-Bending even more XD).

No Arms Needed XD: Sorry I couldn't find a good name for this....Ming Hua was the water bender of the group, she have NO ARMS but she still can Bend, using her mind and body only for control her water bending abilities, she could create two water tentacles to use as arms and support even her body, after you know the importance of use your arms and legs to bend, is incredible see someone who is capable to bend without using her arms, another incredible bender with a disability like Toph.  

The Return of the Sparky, Sparky Boom Thing XD (Combustion Bending...bahh I like more Sparky, Sparky Boom...SOKKA FOREVE): P'Li is another Mind Fire Bending or Combustion Bending assassin capable to Fire powerful waves like the Combustion Man in Avatar the Last Airbender.

Levitation-Bending: I call it, if you see someone using this name from now on, I was the FIST XD....Zaheer the leader of the Red Lotus himself, show us how LETHAL Airbending can be, not only he was capable to use airbending in ways we never saw anyone using like taking out the air of your lungs, but thanks to his intense study of the Guru Laghima, he was the second Airbender in history capable to Flight, something not even AANG could do without the use of the Avatar State, this make Zaheer one of the most powerful Airbender master who ever came a cross this universe.

See this 4 fight was a delight XD: 

But that was not all the Good, we get a LOT MORE:

THE STORY: It was about time to Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino get back to their horses and give us a GREAT STORY: After the Harmonic Convergence, the spirits are free in the world, and now the spirit world is merging with the normal one, causing a bit of a trouble, this event somehow start balancing the world and once again AIR BENDING abilities start appearing in non-benders people, what make Korra and their team search for the new Air-Benders and recreate the Air Nation to fulfill Aang's dream. But The Convergence give a certain individual the air-bending abilities.....Zaheer the leader of the Red Lotus who was imprisoned for thirteen years was one of the individuals who receive Air Bending abilities, and use them for escaped his prison, and free his companions in order to fulfill their mission of thirteen ago.....Kidnap the Avatar Korra.

Not only the story was more simpler and easy to follow but give us the time to see the characters GROWN and interact with each other, developing cool pairings and see our favorites characters help in different ways to their friends, not only in fighting, but in many other levels.  

The Characters FIXED: Like I said before, one of my major complains was how WEAK Team Avatar was in season 2, and even in season 1, they were not much help, but that all change here. Not only Korra became wiser, more likable and badass again, but also the rest of the Team Avatar. Mako again was a great support using his head and abilities for investigation and tactics in favor of the team. Asami become the technician and Mechanic of the team, not only that but she is probably their best fighter in hand on hand combat. Bolin not only was the comic relief in this, he manage to make the IMPOSSIBLE.....not gonna spoiled in here but Bolin have grow to make even Toph proud, that's all I gonna say :D

We get to see more Lin in action who is always a badass, and Tenzin show why he is THE AIR MASTER, Bumi was hilarious as always but his becoming into an Air Bender, make him a more useful member of the team, Kya showcase how good is as a water bender (Katara was proud), and we get new characters too that were equally as cool as the old ones: 

Kai: A young boy who is a thief and receive Airbending abilities thanks to the Harmonic Convergence, abilities that he start using at first to steal from others, but in time he learn his lesson and thanks to jinora, he became a loyal member to the group.

The Metal Bending Clan: Meet, Suyin, Opal, Huan, Wei and Wing the Beifong family XD (I'm way more happy :onfire:), not only we get to see more Lin Beifong, but now we meet the entire TOPH DINASTY and see their back story......what could beat this?? Suyin the troblemaker second daugther of Toph (cof, cof, Toph have like a little more fun in her young years than we thought XD) she was another incredible addition to an already well assemble team of great characters, and so her cute daughter Opal, and the rest of her awkward family XD.....oh did I forget to mention VARRICK IS BACK in this clan......10 points extra for that :D

Returning Characters: ZUKO IS BACK BITCHESSS!!!......XD sorry it need to be addressed XD, oh and Uncle Iroh and Toph were back too...automatic 10 points for THAT :D....if Toph not show up now that we know she is still around in the next season, I will hunt the creators.

But defined one of my favorites if not my favorite character in this season have to be.....JINORA. Not only she shows why she was the wiser character in season 2, but she prove to be indeed the GRANDDAUGHTER of AANG in all the ways possibles.....she without been the Avatar is capable of do Spirit-Bending, showcase a lot of leadership, and earning the right to be call A MASTER.......I couldn't ask for a BETTER way to end this season than what they did with her ;).............BTW Aang, now you can claim that you really look like a girl :rofl:

KORRASAMI: Sorry for Makorra fans, but,....THIS IS THE COUPLE OF THE SEASON XD!! I know is a kid's show an all, but I love if they have the BALLS to make this an official couple, because Asami and Korra have the best Chemistry in the entire season, all their scenes together were GREAT, I enjoyed way more of this 2 that any other pairing I have see in Legend of Korra since they start, so it need to be addressed and IT NEED TO HAPPEN :la: (C'MON Bryan and Michael, have the balls, this is nothing BAD, be the FIRST is doing it ;))

The Animation and Fight Scenes: One single word........MIND-BLOWING (ok 2 words ^^;) that's the only way I can describe how awesome was the animation in this season and so the fight choreography, once again, not only manage to equally be as good as the animation in Book one, but I believe is even BETTER. The fights were so awesome that is difficult to pick one favorite over another, we got, Korra and Asami vs Bandits, Zaheer vs Kya, Tenzin vs Zaheer, Lin vs Suyin, BUMI VS GHAZAN (that was a funny one XD), uffff I almost smoke a cigar after watch an entire season filled with so many great fight scenes.

In resume, this is a MUST WATCH season, not only the best season of Korra, but the BEST SEASON OF ANY NICKELODEON SHOW RIGHT NOW.....even TMNT who have too and awesome season can't compete (oh I'm defined gonna review that when is done :D), so if you are a Avatar fan, and were disappointing of Book 2.......I happy to report than this season, was AWESOME, go and watch it right now, I need to buy the DVD/Blue Ray of this :D

Ratting: 10 out of 10 (A MASTER PIECE).

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  • Listening to: Time to Say Goodbye - Jeff Williams (RWBY)
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