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7 Animes that Hollywood could Adapt Successfully

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 15, 2015, 9:40 AM
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Hi Folks, it's been a while since I took some time to discuss some interesting subjects related to anime, so I been thinking in one I always wanted to talk and that was Hollywood trying to adapt Animes into Live action films.....and let's face it, so far the track record of Hollywood doing this is very....very BAD. But not only Hollywood, even Japan have some issues trying to adapt their own anime franchise into movies, that track record is neither too good, there maybe some exceptions like the first Rurouni Kenshin film maybe the Gantz films also, but for the most part....all looks like Cosplayers trying to imitate what happen in the anime with a bit of a better budget than a real cosplayer could have ^^;...yeah not so good. 

-So what they are doing wrong?? I mean obviously besides the fact that for the most part...they really really didn't TRY to put any effort into these just to begin with, just look at how far distant are the adaptation of Dragon Ball to the actual anime or Manga, Dragon Ball Evolution still have some people crying blood when ever someone mentioned this atrocity. But if you ask me why they obviously fail, my answer will be that....they try to adapt stuffs that are just IMPOSSIBLE to adapt, case and point here....Just the Dragon Ball anime series have 153 episodes and that is without count the 291 of DBZ or the 64 of GT, how will be possible to resume or tell a part of the story without let out so many important plot elements and characters? it will be really difficult to create an script that capture all the magic and energy that a Dragon Ball movie should have, say is impossible is maybe stretching a lot I know maybe somebody have the perfect script waiting to someone pick up that will do justice to a Dragon Ball film.....but still there will be a LOT of problems when you talk about a HOLLYWOOD production, things like the CAST, DIRECTOR, and the Budget will take that script and possible change it so much that will be totally different to what ever the original writer wrote (just ask Josh Trank about his FF film), and we don't even mentioned the fact that if Americans producers will like to produce a film thinking that is just FOR AMERICANS, just like they did with Dragon Ball Evolution, they probably going to AMERICANIZE the living shit out of the source material, just look some of the script ideas of what they were planning to do with an AKIRA FILM, things like Tetsuo to TRAVIS or Neo Tokyo from NEO MANHATTAN (jesus my skin just freeze thinking in that). So in my opinion the problem is what they are trying to adapt is not the right material for these kind of things, and if they insist if should be people who is PASSIONATE about the project the ones that be behind that. I already talked about my fear for what strange vision will Rupert Sanders have of what GHOST IN THE SHELL movie should be, they already cast a Scarlett Johansson for the lead role as Motoko Kusanagi, when everyone agrees it should be a JAPANESE ACTRESS (even if I think Scarlett have the shots for make it right), and we not touching the fact that GITS story is COMPLEX and DIFFICULT to adapt.

Not so long ago Michael Bay was talking that he wanted to direct an adaptation of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION......WTF??? do you imagine that:

Actually that video is pretty funny XD, but the fact is, it would be a total disaster for sure. But like I said if you have the right people behind it, anything could be possible, just look how well All you need is Kill was adapted into Edge of Tomorrow, so is not impossible to make a good adaptation....but we also need to think in that what these studios wanted is MONEY$$$$$ and in that point of view Edge of Tomorrow FAIL to the studios, sooooooo again, WHAT TO DO??

In my opinion Hollywood need to look and adapt Animes that fit perfectly into an adaptation EVEN if they changes stuff like race or country....or even BETTER look to adapt stuffs in were THAT IS NOT A PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH, and this brings me to 7 anime franchise that have everything (in my opinion) to be adapted successfully into a big Hollywood blockbuster, that probably can make both FANS and Produces happy, of course even these can become crappy adaptations if they put the wrong people behind, so let's assume, they find a Good writer and a nice director for each of this adaptations and let see if is possible to make these into Live actions, another thing, take in mind, these are my picks, if you think there are better stories for movies in anime, please feel free to write your picks in the comment section and let me know why ;D, okay let's get down to business:


-WHY?: Very simple, despise the Manga is very long, all adaptations of this Masamune Shirow book have translate very well into 1 and a half hour story or OVA, and another is that any studios wouldn't have any problem with the cast here, there is not need to make any of these characters Japanese at all, neither Deunan or Briareos are Japanese, and the set is in a dystopian future where almost all the story is set in the futuristic Utopian city of Olympus, there is no obligation here to make it with an all Asian cast because of this, plus it fit perfectly to an all action film extravaganza that just need to focus mostly in the relation between Briareos and Deunan, so just get a nice writer with some good action movies into his bet and a director like John Woo (who actually produce EX MACHINA), John McTiernan (Die Hard) or James Cameron and you probably will have a Hit under your belt.


-WHY?: Pretty much all the same reasons for Appleseed, this one neither ask for an all Asian cast, both protagonist are not Japanese origin, and the set this time is on Mars, giving plenty of creative liberties to the writes to make their world to their taste, the story of these Ovas blend perfectly into a 1 hour and a half film, again the 2 characters they need to do right are Naomi Armitage and Ross Sylibus, with a good cast and a director that know how to make good and credible couples, that can handle sci fi and action well, you got another sleeper hit.


-WHY?: I have a better question.......................WHY IN HELL THIS HAVE NEVER BEEN ADAPTED INTO A MOVIEEEE??? Not only I think this should be adapted already, but this could be one of the more interesting animes to adapt. I don't think this will be easy, but even if some changes were made, I don't think people will complain as much with more beloved popular franchises like Akira, you just need 4 strong good actress in here, a nice script with ton of action and comedy and a good director and BANG, you will have a hit for sure, just put a kick ass soundtrack with this and you know I'm in :D


-WHY?:......WHY NOT?? This one is no stranger to been rumored for years with ton of people claiming the rights to make it into a film, Keanu Reeves was even attached for the role of Spike Spiegel at one point, all rumors of course, but that aside, this is another gem that would be great and not so difficult to adapt successfully into a live action film, yet they never try. The set is perfect, no need for an all Asian cast, the format of stories of Cowboy Bebop blend perfectly for an film, hell after seen Keanu in John Wick I don't mind him if he wants to play Spike XD. But seriously I think Cowboy Bebop is a perfect match for a movie, just bring a good director on board and I think we will set.


-WHY?: Babes, explosions, actions and......MORE EXPLOSIONS, this is the wet dream of Michael Bay all come true. Joking aside this is a pretty easy one to adapt, the only problem will be the cast here, but if they Americanize it I still think will work, just keep the story an action as over the top as possible, add ton bunch of explosions and no matter what plot this have.... as just we see Kei and Yuri trashing an entire planet to extinction I will be happy........seriously I think Michael Bay can direct this one......mnnn Megan Fox as Yuri..............Okay I pass on that, bad idea, BAD IDEA :fear::fear::fear:


-WHY?:......better question......WHEN JAMES CAMERON IS GONNA DO THIS????? GRRRRRRRRR!!! It's been a dream for many years for any fan of this Yukito Kishiro masterwork to finally see it made into a film, James Cameron have say for years that he wanted to make this movie, but all honestly I think I will be dead by the time he actually start making it, I will so prefer he start doing this than any Avatar sequel he could have in mind. Ok, now WHY I think this is perfect for a live action film. Again an story set in a post apocalypse wasted land, the set not ask to be made in any specific country, no need either an all center Asian cast (but I actually prefer here they cast an Asian woman for the lead) and the story land perfectly for action and drama. My perfect pick to direct this if James Cameron obviously NOT HAVE THE TIME, will be....GEORGE MILLER, just he need to make all what he did in Mad Max and add more Cyborgs in....hell the MOTORBALL story is perfect for he to adapt.

And last but not least:


-WHY?: BECAUSE IS PERFECTTTT!! I not kidding this is pretty much the first thing Americans should have try to adapt from an Japan Anime into a film in the first place. Again a pretty easy to follow plot, the set is in CHICAGO USA and the characters are almost ALL AMERICANS, no need to worry in change the nation here, like Appleseed, Armitage and Dirty Pair the main focus is 2 characters, just cast 2 sexy good actress, get someone who can make good "Buddy cops" scripts, make the dynamic of the relation between Rally and Minnie right and put them against a good enemy and that alone land into a great action film with 2 kick ass female leads, what is not to like here? 

So there are my picks, 7 animes that could in my opinion get a good adaptation that general audience could like to see, again even these aren't bulletproof, any Hollywood asshole still can make a crappy adaptation of these, but I believe with a nice writer, a good pick director, some decent Budget and Luck, these could be the perfect match for Hollywood adapt into a successful film. So what do you folks think?? and if you have others Animes that you believe will make a good movie let me know in the Comments as well who do you think will be the perfect Director or even Cast for any of the characters in the film :D

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