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Darwin Nuņez
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Wolf Children (2012) Review

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 10:16 AM

Ok, folks, yesterday I said in my review of Dawn of the Planets of the Apes, that there was another movie that I wanted to talk about that I just watch yesterday was this one, WOLF CHILDREN: 

Folks, when I complain about how shitty anime have been in the last 4 years (from 2010 to TODAY).....THIS IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE...............................................THAT JAPAN STILL CAN DO AWESOME FILMS :D (what?? do you think I was about to shit in this masterpiece?? go to you room and shame on you ;)).......folks this is the perfect example in all ways of what I ALWAYS look to find in a GREAT anime, be film, OVA or series that is lacking in today Japan animation and when one good series came, is out shadow by a thousand Over Hype, that are at max just OK, but they are way more popular. I remember I watch the trailer of this one and say to my self "looks nice, but mehhh probably will let me disappoint so...pass"....I WAS SOO WRONG!!  

The Plot: A young university student named Hana, meet a young mystery man in her class and start a relation with this stranger, who later reveal to her that he is in fact a Wolf OHH GOOODD TWILIGHT NOOOOOO!!!..... hhehe no no worry guys is not like that at all ;)....this Wolf man (named Ookami) is the last of his kind, he is not a werefolf in fact he is part of a now extinct race of mythical creatures that are half man half Wolf and can transform at will anytime and they don't eat humans. They fall in love with each other... a little time later she get pregnant of him, and start a family together, after she get pregnant for second time, something horrible happen and she have to raise now their kids all alone.....BUT the problem is that this 2 kids and not normal...they are half-human, half-wolf, and she have NO IDEA what to do with them or how exactly she have to raise them.

This movie is not just beautiful, is a magnificent masterpiece in all the way, the animation and characters design is gorgeous (non stupid CG thank GOD), the writing.....GOD THE WRITING.... smart characters, full of LIFE AND PERSONALITY, the children both the girl Yuki and the boy Ame ACT LIKE CHILDREN like it's suppose to be, they are hyperactive, destructive, they rant, they cry, they scream they bite, they jump, they run, all out of nowhere and just for the same reason a child will do all that, because they are LIKE THAT, but not only that the main character Hana, at first glance you will swear...oh god another cute MOE type, so kawaiiiiii (fuck that shit), but no, she is genuine an good person and is put to a HUGE test, you suffer with her, a and connect so easily with her struggle to raise this 2 kids, and see how difficult is for her, not only she have to raise 2 kids (that is hard enough believe me Mon pass that too), but this aren't ordinary kids, they are half wolf and that half is something SHE DOESN'T KNOW and not understand, and with the father gone she have nobody who she can ask for help,  if she does, the kids will be taken away from her for who knows to do what experiment on them, so she can't go to hospitals if they get sick or send them to school because they don't know how to keep their Wolf-side as a secret. This Folks is fine writing, this is real good CONFLICT, but still there is more.....the character mature and evolve (and I don't mean the years pass I mean they change), watch this film and watch all characters and see how they start and how they are at the end of the film, is amazing how different and still likable this character are is an entire JOURNEY and you will enjoy everything. I have nothing else that PRAISES for this film, and is no secret why.....Mamoru Hosoda works is just that damn GOOD (
The Girl Who Leapt Through TimeSummer Wars) and guys this kind of stuffs not should ever be IGNORED and OVERLOOK like they don't even exist....I never look anybody talking about this film, of praising it or RECOMMENDED IT, almost no fan arts or anything trying to talk about this amazing anime movie.

I'm glad that one of my favorites reviewers on You Tube, Chris Stuckmann who is a great critic and too an anime lover, start to do anime reviews and this was one of his reviews that I check and boy did I was pleased with it, I think Anime need more good critics that let us know when something good is actually there, because there is still good anime series, Ovas, and Films that came out but with the long amount of shitty fan service, school girls, echii, Shonen Ai, Yaoi ton of SHIT that japan release is difficult you wanted to look over all that and find something worth watching, or like happen to me, ignored this awesome amazing work. There a lot of assholes OTAKUS who love the fan service cliche kind of shit and only promote them and say bullshit about good animes and classics like Akira and Ghost in The Shell (seriously a ton of idiots review these films like that give it low scores and saying ton of shitty things and praising things like Kill la Kill or Naruto, like those were MASTERPIECES....c'mon), so I hope serious people with a real BRAIN like Chris take the role of review films and series from japan that are REALLY worth watching and say the true about all those series and films that are just too OVERHYPE and nothing else.

GO AND WATCH this film, is a magnificent movie that both anime lovers or movie goers can appreciate, breathtaking, emotional and no boring AT ALL (seriously I tear up like 4 times in shame manly tears :cries:).

Rating: 10 out of 10 (and probably more if I could give it)

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hehe gracias por los halagos manin :hug: se aprecian mucho :la:....aun creo falta un buen tiempo para la temporada 3 de J'M&M, pero ya esta en proceso, espero poder anunciarla antes de fin de año si el trabajo me deja :D
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Hey i love your artwork and i was wondering whenever you get a chance check out my work. Leave a comment or two.
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Lol I realized today that I never watched you, but have all your drawings faved, crazy!
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Hello Animator,

We have a Animation project. We need a professional Animator. Who can done the cartoon character, illustration and video cartoon. We just give you instruction doc file and example than who give me complete cartoon video show.

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Payment: $5000

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DarkerEve Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
You can make a reservation for the next commission list still ;) just send me a note so I add you to the reservation list :D
EvenSkarangerArt Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey my friend! Really love your style and courageous pinup drawing! I appreciate your original characters, its fresh and very unique. Im looking to summit my original artwork and comics to a place here on DA, do you have any suggestions? :) would love to pick your brain sometime!
DarkerEve Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
hehe really thanks, your stuffs are amazing too ;) only suggestion is start posting your work when ever you can and be consistent with your amount to submissions, with your style you can easily crate a good fanbase for any of your comics :D
EvenSkarangerArt Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Ill remember that part about consistency. ;)

I want to become better at recognizing who my fans are you know, and how I can reach them :)

RaidenSnake Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Your recent picture starring Poison Kiss and KOF's Angel makes me hope you become a member of Hentai Foundry in the near future.  Keep up the good work.
DarkerEve Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
hehe Thanks glad you liked the piece :D, maybe someday I join HF, for the moment I'm happy with my blog for that kind of stuffs ;)
Renegado323 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
I love your art work.

Do you have any prevision when the new season of Beach N' Bitches will begin?

Keep up the good work.
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