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Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary (2014) Review

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 18, 2014, 9:09 PM

Boy this one gonna be a hard one ^^;.......I just came to the theater from watch the adaptation of one of my all times favorites Anime series and Manga of all we called "Los Caballeros del Zodiaco" you maybe know it as "Saint Seiya".

If there were 2 series that make anime a BOOM in my country, those BALL Z.....and two...SAINT SEIYA, those were good times :D. Saint Seiya is not as huge and I think now is pretty underrated, some maybe remember it and  some I guess are like...what? WHO? I know for fact that in Latino America that is not the case, this serie is legendary and turn into anime lovers to a whole generation of young fans including me....before Saint Seiya I barely recognize anime as.....Chinese Cartoons (yes that low was my knowledge ^^;), but after Saint Seiya.....I barely could watch any cartoon, I was all anime all time. This was one of the most brutal and epic anime series of our generation growing up, and still holds a dear place in my heart.

The story.....well is just the SAVE THE PRINCESS PLOT so is nothing complicated and the formula of the show was very predictable after the "12 temples saga", but what Saint Seiya always have in space was....CHARACTERS AND ALL CORRECTLY USE (even Shun), this series always did a great use of his characters and all have their own battles, victories and looses, in my dear opinion Seiya is the SECOND BEST MALE PROTAGONIST in anime history, just surpass by Edward Elric, that high I put this guy in my book, and the rest of the team was as good as he was, you always keeping cheering at this characters when they were winning, and worried when they were loosing, that always feels right and epic to watch those favorite saint was always the fearless Dragon Shiryu indeed one of the most badasses warriors ever created. So all you need to know if you never watch the series is that, the plot devise is weak but excels in the use of characters and epic battles all good old fashion old school violence, blood and a TON of badasses characters.

That will lead us to this film.......................................oh boy T.T

First if you aren't a fan of Saint Seiya, I assure you, AVOID THIS FILM AS A PLAGUE!! you will not understand anything, if you are a maybe like this....until the last 40 minutes of the film.


My god, let me start when everything in this film go and FUCKED UP......DEATH MASK!! WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO TO YOU :cries:.......the fist act and second act, while they didn't give you too much character developed, at least the characters are faithful to their counterparts in the series, but damn as soon they get to the TEMPLE OF CANCER, everything go to HELL (literally to HELL), the passing is HORRIBLE, they crunch too many fights in just a couple of minutes, and they changed characters, opponents and so many details and secondary characters were eliminated from the story. They even changed the gender of one of my favorites Gold Saints, I not gonna spoil who, but fucked, is there was any need for do that because??? oh yeah because FUCK LOGIC?? that work in the awful Saint Seiya Omega, let's gonna use it here :angered:. The character developed is nearly EXTINCT in this film, you barely know why the Bronze Saints wanted to protect Athena, tons of elements are never explained, they ASSUME everyone who will go to see this in Theaters was a fan of the series and already know every detail. IKKI the Phoenix is WASTED in this film, seriously he is in the film like 5 minutes and just for get his ass kick. Overall, they try to adapt an arc than in the anime takes like......40 episodes of story, developed and epic battles into a 93 minute need the talent of the writers of Captain America The Winter Soldier to accomplished that, and sadly...they didn't have it :cries:

BUT, if we have a Yin....there always gonna be a YANG XD.


Like I said, the developed is not the strong point of this film, but the characters personalities are intact. I watch this in Spanish with the Original Cast returning to voice all characters so hear all the classic voices of Jesús Barrero (Seiya), Ricardo Mendoza (Shiryu), Rene Garcia (Hyoga), José Gilberto Vilchis (Shun) and Marcos Patiño (Ikki), was a BLAST, and all the voices of the Gold Saints return as well (Javier Rivero the Voice of Saga, that was so freaking cool to hear :D), it really was for me and my friends a trip to our childhood :D. The ANIMATION...HOLLY SHIT the animation of this film is plain BADASS, superb in every way possible, The characters design was incredible, I love all the armors updates, THE ACTION SCENES WERE FREAKING AWESOME, and the characters looks pretty impressive, great work for part of Toei. and the first act and second, besides not give so much character developed, the characters personalities shine, and became really likable very fast, even Saori who in the series is really hated by many fans for be unarguably a BITCH and an annoying pain in the ass that only need to be she is very adorable, whiling to give her own life to safe her knights so, I found her better, even if she is, yes pretty much the typical MOE cliche of animes today, I take that to the old bitchy Saori Kido from the original series.

But Overall, even with the great animation and characters design, and all the likable characters....The weak Script, the horrible passing of the last act, the changes, the elimination of EPIC back stories and characters and the underdeveloped characters killed every possibility of make this film any good for non fans of the original show, and even for fans of the Anime and Masami Kurumada's epic manga U.U

Ratting: 4 out of 10 (No ardio mi Cosmos en esta no ^^;

  • Mood: Sadness
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