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The Lego Batman Movie (2017) Review

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 13, 2017, 3:54 AM
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EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MOVIE......IS AWESOOOMMMEEEEEE!!!....wait did I just spoiled my review?

Ok but seriously......DC.....if you want to compete with Marvel.......DC LEGO CINEMATIC UNIVERSE....just saying.

Since I saw the first....and second trailer that they drop in one week, I was hype for this one, I loved the first Lego film, it was a very welcoming surprise, but this one hit HOME, a lego film all about BATMAN, my favorite hero, what could got wrong......well......NOTHING, I loved this film, so lets talk about it in details.


Okay, this is not a bad, but is worth address....this is a film that target more KIDS....little kids to be fact, but still have heart, is incredibly.....amazingly SUPER FUNNY, and is well written and looks great, but is for kids, so if you expect the same level of deep emotions like Pixars, Ghibli or Disney does, yeahh in that department may be lackey, but believe me, if you are a DC fan or a hardcore Batman fan.....yep this movie is for you.


-The Comedy and References:
well between Deadpool and this one I might have loss my 2 lungs, I was laughing right the LOGOS shows up......the WB LOGO and the others production companies, yep, they went there, the meta humor in this one on the Batman as a film franchise is hilarious, they made ways reference any media when Batman have been, from all the movies, all the cartoons, even the comics, even the same DC extended universe movies are reference in one way or the other and was AMAZING, I was laughing my ass with many of the jokes, but there are so many that I lost track, sometimes I was laughing and miss another great joke because of that, so be warning try to keep up.

-The Story: Despise like I said before, this film target more little kids, still the core story, is pretty good for a Batman film, it works perfectly and use effectively all it's characters, making a good emotional connection with Batman and his Family in ways that I think they try in others batman films (cof, cof Forever, cof, cof) but they fail miserably before, this one got that element PERFECTLY.

-The Music: Ok, I gonna say it..........this movie......have.......the......................BEST.......Batman theme.....................................................EVEEEEERRRRRRR!!! the opening music number in this film alone tops everything Batman ever made, I'm serious about this. The rest of the tracks are great, buying this OST asap as soon I can.

-The Animation: Again, the animation of the Lego did this people is doing this, is AMAZINGGGGG!! everything is legos, water, fire, every freaking things is a Lego piece and it looks great, is beyond amazing what this people are doing with this blocky animated style but works so well, so keep doing it, oh and Batman constructions, are AWESOME.

-The Action: Right at the beginning this movie explode with probably......THE GREATEST ACTION OPENING SCENE IN A BATMAN FILM......I not JOKING (get it XD), this is the greatest opening in a Batman film I ever see.....The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, Batman (1989) your heart out, you have been topped. The rest of the action is equally amazing.....goddamn ITS LEGOS....HOW DO YOU DO THAT WITH.....FREAKING LEGOOOSSS!!??

-Cameos....sweet love CAMEOS:

-The CAST: Will Arnett as Batman......seriously who will ever tell me this guy will of my favorites BATMAN ever, is beyond me, but he is amazing as Batman/Bruce Wayne, and hard to believe I gonna say this.....Michael Cera as Robin was great, I swear when I saw the trailer I believe I was gonna hate this Robin, but I like him a lot.....damn LEGO, IS LEGOOOOSS HOOOWWWW??? (sorry no more of that), Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth...............BEST ALFRED PERIOD, I not joking is true after Efrem Zimbalist Jr.from Batman TAS, this is my new favorite Alfred, Ralph just got it right soooo much, the voice the parental role, even been literally the BATMAN OF BATMAN (when you see the film you will understand), great casting right there. Zack Galifianakis as the Joker was great too, far from my favorite Joker, but he did a great job, and the little joke of his relation with funny, and finally Rosario Dawson as Barbara Gordon, soooo she got to be in DC and MARVEL........girl you ROCK, she was very good in the role.

People I not kidding, this movie is great, right now I don't know if I can say, better than the Lego movie, but is damn close, and as a Batman tribute of all that is a master piece, you need to see this one.

Ratting: 10 out of 10 (With an Everything is Awesomeeee seal of approve)

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