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Best TV and Movies 2016

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 10:11 AM
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Hi folks, we almost in 2017, wishing you all a great new year and hope....reallly hope this new one be better....and please not many people die T.T, okay enough of that, as tradition of mine, I just want to give my final review of my favorites TV shows and Movies from this year and as always feature some amazing artworks make by talented artist of the DA community, so let's go into this as always starting with some honorable mentions:


-Star vs the Forces of Evil (Season 2): One of my favorites shows since I discover it, season 2 have been pretty nice so far, I feel is a little more random funny and not as epic and grand as season 1 was, but still the mid season finale have me hype for see the rest next year....hardly can't wait.
-My Little Pony FIM (Season 6): Jesus it's still going...but what can I say, is still charming, funny and likeable, the season 6 is not the best, have too much repetitive stuff but still manage to deliver some really funny episodes as well deliver one of my favorites season finales of the show, love the character of Starlight Glimmer and her friendship with Trixie, hope they both get more screen if they plan to continue the show.
-Izetta the last Witch: My favorite anime show of this year, beautiful animation, likable characters, excellent action and a wonderful simply story.....Did I mention have some yuri in....yesss!! XD, my only complain, just like Korra, the 2 main characters never kissed, damn it japan stop teasing me like this grrr.
-TMNT: Out of the Shadows (the Movie): Yes, I liked, can't believe that Michael Bay produce something that I enjoyed despise the many flaws this film have, was really cool to see Rocksteady and Bebop in the big screen after so many years of fans claiming for them, also the Turtles were awesome in this one getting to be the stars of the film, it didn't do well in the box office, but for what was worth, I really enjoyed.
-Warcraft: For my money this is the best live action adaptation from a video game I ever saw, no matter the pacing issues, I still have a blast watching this film, the effects were amazing and I loved the characters, I hope we get a sequel....I mean the shitties Resident Evil films got 7 movies, why this one can't get at least a trilogy?
-Batman: Bad Blood: My favorite DC animated film of the year, I liked Killing Joke but...yeah that one have ton of problems, not ones that bother me as much as well....everyone ^^;, but yeah it wasn't the excited film we all expected, but Bad Blood was, every bit of what we expect of the DC animated films, great action and story, less Damian prick, and finally Dick Grayson  got to shine, Batwoman was amazing and that cameo of Batgirl at the end....c'mon DC, we want a Batgirl movie, just DO IT already.
-Kubo and the two Strings: I couldn't review this one, but yes, Laika is still creating breathtaking, gorgeous stop motion animation, they freaking deserve to win something for this, not my favorite Laika film, but defined top 3, the themes are very mature and the characters are great, totally recommended.
-Star Trek Beyond: Another one I couldn't review, but just as the 2 previews, Beyond was exciting and pretty fun to watch, love this reboot series, the cast did such a fantastic job on this film as always, hope they keep making more thing...Anton Yelchin we all going miss you T.T
-Suicide Squad: I said one, and I'll repeat it again.....FUCK YOU ROTTEN TOMATOES. I still not get any criticism this film wrongfully got, yes isn't perfect, but is not god awful as many claimed, for my money, this is my favorite DCEU film yet, great characters, fun dialogue, an awesome Amanda Weller, and stealing performance from Will Smith and Margot Robbie as Deadshot and Harley Quinn.....yeah the Joker was lacking and in my opinion was an unnecessary character that cutting all his scenes the film would have been the same, so because of that it didn't bother me, I really looking forward to see these characters again. Oh and speaking of fuck Rotten Tomatoes again....
-X-Men Apocalypse: I seriously don't know why this film did as bad as it did in the box office and critical reception....but defined is not a 48% as fucking RT says....this film only problem was that came just after everyone was over hyping the fuck out of Civil Wars and because of that and the fact that the previous one "Days of the Future Past" was a superior film, people react to this one all wrong....I loved this film and I think is my third X-Men favorite film only follow by X2 and DOTFP. Great cast, excellent characters a powerful villain and excellent costumes and special effects, seriously I believe this was a great film and deserve to get some praises.

Well that's was it for Honorable mention, but before I move to my favorites TV and films, for first time I will made one dishonorable mention (T.T), not saying this was bad completely, I still believe it have some good positives things, but sadly the bad in it made it totally disappointing for me. My first dishonorable mention goes to:

-Dishonorable Mention: BATMAN V SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE: What could be an SHOULD BE at least and Honorable mention for me, become the only disappointing film I watch in theaters this year, it was a mess, bad story, terrible villains (Lex and Doomsday), a forcing versus theme that never worked, zero motivations or chemistry between the world finest, I can keep on and on of why this movie disappointing me and I would spend almost 3 have potential, good performances from Ben Affleck who was a badass BATMAN, Gal Gadot surprise the shit out of me with her Wonder Woman (oh and that badass theme song :headbang:), great cinematography and action sequences, but even with all that, the bad just overcome the good, Zack Snyder fail big time.....I really not trust him for Justice League, but I hope....seriously hope, they not fuck it up next got one more chance Snyder, third time the charm? hope you can redeem yourself somehow....damn it you made WATCHMEN AND 300 2 of my favorites films ever, put yourself together and do justice with these characters...or QUIT.

OK enough bad, let's start this, remember these are MINE favorites, and the ones I liked the most, I haven't see, every film or TV show (and Internet shows...Netflix you know XD) that came out this year, but for the ones I saw, these are my personal favorites, I invite you guys to list your favorites down bellow in the comments.....let's GO:

BEST TV 2016

10-LUKE CAGE (season 1):

Luke Cage by Namkoart  Luke Cage by mehdic Ragin' Cage-in' by EagleGosselin

 Coffee? I swear I will never say that the same again XD. This show just keep showing how good Marvel and Netflix are handle these obscure characters, Luke Cage was just as good as Jessica Jones and Daredevil, excellent story, amazing characters, gritty tone and violence, all what make these netflix shows so damn good....the only reason I put it on the bottom is that just like Jessica Jones, I feel the ending was a bit anticlimactic and in the middle of the season it loss a bit of the strength it have with the inclusion of an random new antagonist, that in my opinion wasn't as good as Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes, but still a very impressive good show to watch......sweet Christmas indeed, I can't wait to the Defenders.


Friend from Japan by WrozbitaMadziej TMNT Amazing Adventures 2 COVER by Red-J  TMNT unofficial Anthology in JPN by s-bis WIND and FIRE by s-bis  Turtles appeare ... by beniiro

Still going strong, the Nickelodeon version of the Turtles remains my favorite incarnation of the heroes in a half shell, season 4 have been a blast, not as good as 3, but really good, the crossover with the 87 Turtles was beyond EPIC, the space saga was really fun and the Super Shredder saga is have been INTENSE....jesus that Leo, Karai and April fight versus Super Shredder was amazing, ton of new characters (love Shinigami :love:) and pretty amazing storyline keep this show as one of my favorites of all times, keep the ball rolling Nick.

8-STAR WARS REBELS (season 2 and 3):

Star Wars: Rebels by mehdic Hidden Treasure by lorna-ka ''Where it began'' by lorna-ka Then you will die! by Gabriel-Carati Ahsoka Tano by wraithdt The padawan by VargasNi I won't leave you. Not this time... by tohdraws

I LOVE THIS SHOW...these last 2 seasons have been near pitch perfect, Vader, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Darth Maul, damn these baddies alone make the show amazing, but is the amazing cast of characters that make this show beyond amazing, Ezra, Kanan, Hera, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper, make this show incredibly awesome, not to mention the return of Ahsoka Tano all grow up....ALL BADASS, Captain Rex and the rest makes this a great bridge between Clone Wars and this show, and I cant leave without mention the duel of Ahsoka and Anakin,one of the best moments of Television this year, this show is going strong and I cant possibly be more hyped to get MORE.

7-DAREDEVIL (Season 2):

CCC DareDevil by FooRay Daredevil by phil-cho Daredevil by pungang Daredevil by p1xer  Punisher by p1xer  Devil's Night: Punisher, DareDevil and Elektra. by NemoNova

PUNISHER IS IN THA HOUSE BITCHES!!....I didn't love this season more than the first one, but still it was a pretty BADASS SEASON, Jon Bernthal portrait of the Punisher is once again PERFECT CASTING from Marvel, his rivalry with Daredevil was perfect, they did everything I wanted to happen in BVS between Superman and Batman, this is how it suppose to go, show the contrast between light and dark, Matt Murdock  and Frank Castle are the perfect opposite to each other, and their scenes together, just the dialogue alone is worth everything. The season for me loss steam after the arc of the Punisher is done and Electra enter, not a bad half is just not was as good as those first 4 episodes with the Punisher, but overall....loved this season.....again super HYPE for THE DEFENDERS.

6-RWBY (Volumen 3):

Rwby by kageuri RWBY  by Artgerm Cinder - RWBY by JxbP RWBY - Teamwork! by lucidsky Pyrrha (RWBY) by dandonfuga Penny by AzureBladeXIII

I still not start watch vol.4, so my selection is pure base in vol.3......and what a SEASON it was. I never thought this show will hit me in the FEELS DEPARTMENT as this season did, but yes RWBY vol.3 was PERFECT, great use of the characters, amazing fights, great music and a totally devastating season finale, I can't say anything more, if you haven't see it, drop what ever you are doing and WATCH IT.

5-GAME OF THRONES (season 6):

Game of Thrones (Spoilers) by AdamWithers Dame (Game) of Thrones by Aseo Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones) by Astartte Game of Thrones Season 6 Digital Painting (28) by mixmasterarne Game of Thrones Season 6 Digital Painting (56) by mixmasterarne Hold the door by Astartte

OH GOT was back this year and with a VENGEANCE after the lacking season 5, we got answers......WE GOT MANY ANSWERS, more heartbreaking losses (HODOR :cries::cries:) and a hero was bring back to life and we couldn't be happier for that. This entire season was excellent, from beginning to that bombastic (get it XD) End, this season set things straight for season 7, and finally THE FREAKING WINTER HAVE COME!! I hardly can't wait for season 7.

4-STRANGER THINGS (season 1):

Stranger Things by CrystalGrazianoArt Stranger Things Stranger Danger by Tom Kelly by TomKellyART Stranger Things by artilustra Stranger Kids by Withoutafuss Stranger Things by LuigiL 11 by dandonfuga Nancy Wheeler by kairuiz Stranger Things by spoonbard

Just when you think Netflix can't surprise you anymore after Daredevil.....BOOM they drop this piece of AWESOMENESS to the world. A brand new original series that capture that feel of the 80' classics like Aliens, E.T, The Thing, Nightmare on Elm street and the Goonies.....I WAS SOLD, this show is amazing in every layer possible, story, characters, effects, music, cinematography, you named it have it, Eleven have becoming an ICON, and the kids gang of this show are the new Goonies, suspense, horror, comedy all blended perfectly in this series, and the best just begin, season 2 please, COME FASTER.


Big V by f1x-2 VOLTRON - Shiro by lauren-bennett  Voltron Netflix by alex-malveda Voltron: Legendary Defender by Barlee Voltron: Fire and Ice Bros by Barlee   Voltron by Synnesai

Oh look ANOTHER NETFLIX SERIES XD....damn you Netflix!! but what can I say, they are bringing the house down, ruling in every possible way and bringing back a CLASSIC. When I heard they were doing this I was skeptical about it, until I heard the key words......the people behind Avatar and Korra....NUFFSAID, and the result was undeniably amazing, I loved Voltron as a kid and is incredible that I can say that this show is way freaking better. Fantastic animation, amazing characters, great comedy, badass big giant robo battles, what else I can say, it was destiny to be this high on my list and I hardly can't wait for this series return.



Gravity Falls - The Capture by MadJesters1  Gravity falls by Karadavre Gravity Falls- Bill's Defeat by MadJesters1  Gravity Falls Dipper by MaxGrecke  Gravity Falls - Pines by Markistic Fanart - Gravity Falls by ben-ben Gravity Falls - Grunkle Stan by GlancoJusticar After the war Stanford by Blue-Sweet-tea Bill Cipher's family by CKibe A Demon's Garden by MapleSpyder I Trust You, Grunkle Stan! by famous-and-fabulous

I know it was just 1 episode that was aired this year.....but was the finale and all I can say is.........BRAVO, I couldn't ask for a better end to a fantastic series like this, it was emotional, funny, epic and sweet as you could was simply perfect, Alex Hirsch and his team did the best 2 season long series I have ever see and we always remember these characters until they comeback if they do, season 2 took 3 years to make, but you know what.....was WORTH THE WAIT.

and finally I think this one is not gonna be any surprise:

1-STEVEN UNIVERSE (Season 3 and 4):

It's Over, isn't it? - Pearl from Steven Universe by WalkingMelonsAAA

Here comes a thought by Birbix Smoky Quartz by TovioRogers SU - Corrupted by yinza ponytail amethyst by Selkiene It's over by PotatoukoMatsudaira Here Comes A Thought by Sannanai It's Over Isn't It by pianorei Mr Greg by pencilHeadno7
Stevonnie by mior3e A conversation by Daycolors Connie by Jazzekat - Centipeetle - by FreckledBastard buff rainbow by Clock--Heart She deserves by Daycolors Steven Universe Picnic! by bridgioto steven universe Pearl by sakimichan steven universe amethyst by sakimichan  Here comes a thought by SandraMJ Smol Peridot by Peachdalooza You're Losing Sight by azurite-draws

What can I say, this show is still going really, really, REALLY STRONG, Rebecca Sugar masterpiece is still going and not look like will slow down anytime soon. The characters, the amazing writing, the songs, the art style, the FEELS.....the many, manyyyy FEEELS!! have keep this series 2 years straight as my favorite show right now, Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis, Peridot, Connie, Greg and the rest have become my favorites characters to watch, every time they are on TV, and even when the series is not airing I looks for my favorites episodes to re watch over and over again, the only shows that have affected me this hard were Evangelion, Avatar, Korra, Ghost in the Shell SAC, Fullmetal Alchemist and Dragon Ball, so yes, Steven Universe stay on the top of my list as the King of Television this year, and I hardly can't wait for the next Steven Bomb.

Well that was all for TV, let's go films now:

TOP 10 FILMS 2016:


Naruse Jun by Kuvshinov-Ilya Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda. by nguyenvanhai  Jun Naruse - Anthem of the Heart by kelvin-trainerk

Probably one of the most underrated anime films this year, Anthem of the heart is a simply, small yet beautiful film, with charming characters, breathtaking 2D animation and a cute story, this film grab me and never let me go, hope more people get to see it some day.


Zootopia by Tragobear Zootopia by kairuiz Nick and Judy by SAkURA-JOkER Investigation by miles-df

Disney was on fire this year and they begin the year with a bang with this film, Zootopia might not be my most favorite animated film of this year, but defined need to be on this list, great characters, excellent story a good mystery and incredibly godlike CG animation, Zoo is a delight to the eyes and most definitely one of the finest films Disney brought this year.


Sword in the Heart by trisketched Kuma Kyuuta by shazy Bakemono no ko by chwee Bakemono no ko by magion02

Another one that probably slip many peoples eyes was this one (not gonna be the last on my list...spoilers), the latest of the Mamoru Hosoda films, Bakemono no Ko is just as good as any of his previous works, great action, lot of heart, gorgeous animation and a great lead characters make this one an instant classic, and a very underrated gem in 2016.


Doctor Strange by yinyuming Doctor Strange by FerPeralta Kaecilius by METSUSAN Dr. Strange by velsen

And more Marvel films, did these people have plans to slow down....yep don't think so. Doctor Strange is just another gem from the Marvel Studios, filled with magnificent special effects and breathtaking visuals, this film is amazing the whole time with great performance of Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen, this is just another example of how Marvel have nailed the art of adapt their characters successfully into huge Hollywood blockbuster, can't wait for Spiderman Homecoming and Black Panther.


There is always one film on my list that is so underrated than no one even draw a fan art (that at least I could find here), this is that one of this year (told you there were more underrated films in this list). The Long way North is a French-Danish animated film that flew under many people radars, is gorgeous, the art style of this film is probably my favorite of the year, the colors, backgrounds and characters all made this artistic block colored it looks magnificent, with a very almost real life story feel, great characters, this movie was destiny to be on my top 10 list, I just hope more people discover this little gem, it deserve more recognition.


-- Rogue One -- by yvanquinet Star Wars: Rogue One - Jyn Erso Fan Art by javicandraw STAR WARS - ROGUE ONE by RUIZBURGOS Rogue One by DerekLaufman Stardust by escume Vader's Justice by JakeMurray

Continuing the Disney domination XD, a prequel done RIGHT... Rogue One was everything I wanted to be and more, great visuals, good characters, incredible battles....and dat VADER SCENE....nuffsaid.


  Moana by kalisami Moana by SAkURA-JOkER  Moana by imDRUNKonTEA  Aloha to Moana by kawacy Moana by Nippy13 MOANA - YouTube! :) by rossdraws  Moana [Vaiana] by NUMYUMY

The Last film I review this year, I knew I couldn't make my list until I saw this one and yes defined deserve a high spot, I loved this movie...many probably prefer Zootopia over Moana and side by side, yes Zootopia is the strongest of the 2, but for me Moana hit me harder, I love the characters, the animation, the world of Moana was just too beautiful and Maui and Moana chemistry was pretty awesome, this is a film I can watch over and over and never get tired, 100% recommended.

OK now when I was doing this particular list...3 movies since I saw them I knew would be my top 3, and my god I have a hard time choosing in what spot these 3 would land....finally I made my mind and these are my TOP 3 favorites films of this year:


Captain America: Civil War by PatrickBrown

Civil War (What if?) by BryanValenza Spiderman Civil War/ SpeedPaint by fradarlin Captain America: Civil War by ChuchuaN   Spider-Man Civil War by pungang Captain America: Civil War by fernandogoni Winter Soldier Fanart by NeoArtCorE IronMan Fanart by NeoArtCorE

Just the airport alone land this one on my top 3, this film was every bit of epic I thought was gonna be, and deliver in the most satisfying way possible. The way the Russo brothers manage to use all the characters in the film is amazing, not to mention the introduction of both Black Panther and Spiderman were handle extremely well, Civil wars was one of my most satisfying films this year...but for my money, there was one that I liked more and that one was:


Deadpool by PatrickBrown

Deadpool by KidNotorious Deadpool by erlanarya Deadpool by sugarpoultry Deadpool by panelgutter

Mature Content

Deadpool by SourAcid
  Deadpool - Hey Francis ! by the-evil-legacy Deadpool - What's my name? by apocalyss

I still can believe this....Ryan Reynolds redeem himself, and unleash Deadpool to the world. This movie almost kill me of laughs like 3 times watching it for first time, is the most hysterical Super Hero comedy ever made, Ryan Reynolds performance as Deadpool is PERFECT, this movie have me laughing since the CREDITS start showing up.....the CREDITS!!! The characters were excellent, the comedy was great, the action......jesus the action is bloody and badass, this was my favorite comic book film of the year by far, and is the film I have watched the most.

But with all the awesomeness of Deadpool and the amazing team vs team greatness of Civil Wars, they couldn't get to the top of my list, that spot was reserved to one film and that film was:


KIMI NO NA WA by sishenfan
Kimi no Na wa. by Koyorin FanArt - Kimi no na wa by RedPear Kimi No Na Wa by MayuiChan17 Your Name by Porforever Mitsuha and Taki (Kimi no na wa) Render by Totoro-GX Kimi no na wa by DigitalOme Kimi No Na Wa by Klegs mitsuha[kimi no na wa [your name]] fanart by gao by gao-lukchup

[4K UHD] Kimi No Na Wa by AssassinWarrior

I take heart over action and violence any day and one thing this film OVERDOSE is god this movie, I might have see it less than Deadpool, but the impact the story this movie left on me was bigger than any other movie did this year, from the GODLIKE BREATHTAKING ANIMATION, the amazing colors, the magnificent characters, the incredible music, everything Your Name deliver was in a masterpiece level of quality that non other film animated or live action did for me, the twist this film have is one of the greatest I have ever seen, the relationship of the 2 main characters Taki and Mitsuha is beautiful, and the entire cast of characters is very well flesh out all been memorable relatable, and likable in more than one way, and for those reasons, Kimi no Na Wa is my favorite film of 2016, Makoto Shinkai have prove he is one of the finest film makers for Japan and with talent like his, Japan still showing that they haven't loss the touch.

Well that was it, all my favorites things from how was this year for you guys in TV and movies, what are your favorites? Let me know in the comment section and again, Happy new Year folks.

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