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Legend of Zelda-Breath of the Wild (2017) Review

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 18, 2017, 5:46 AM
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This game literally took my breath pun intended.

 Let me start this by praising who ever that put this EPIC TRAILER together, no matter how many times I see it, it just get better and better and give me goosebumps every time, so please give that man, woman or team a MEDAL, oh and I put the Latin version, that's the one I played I just loved more the Spanish and Japanese voices than the English ones. game review? Since when I do those? worry folks I'm not planning to do game reviews, simply not got the time (or moneyyy) for do them, but I got to talk about this game, never in my life I feel so immersive playing a game, at least not since my days playing Megaman X, Metal Gear Solid, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy VI and VII, Breath of Fire IV, Chrono Trigger and my favorite Zelda before this one....A Link to the Past (Sorry Ocarina), so it's been a WHILE, since a game make me feel like this satisfied after expending so much hours playing so need to be reviewed, ladies and gentlemen, this is not a review.....this is a gosh fest:

So is there any bad?


 Quite frankly no, not one that stick so much for me to point out.....I think there is one WEAK point in this game and that is.....the Music, is gorgeous, is great, but ain't as epic as the music in the trailer or any previous Zelda Game, but defined is not bad, is just weaker that others soundtracks from the franchise......that been say.....THE MOLDUGA THEME IS AWESOMEEEEE XD:

 Nothing ELSE to report lets move on:


-YOU DIE....YOU LEARN....THERE IS NO NAVI FOR YOU, SO LEARN QUICKLY: Wait a game that doesn't have a TUTORIAL at the beginning or any time you encounter....ANYTHING 2017......nahhhh that's IMPOSSIBLE RIGHT? NO....welcome to Breath of the Wild. One of the aspects of this game I love is that you start the game and no one stop to tell to attack, how and when to jump, how to climb, have to learn the mechanics YOUR WAY!!....hell I didn't knew how to activate Link Matrix slow bullet effect until I have to fight the first big boss I encounter to learn when to use it....or do shield boarding almost until half of my playtime, and I think there is possibly stuff I don't know can be done.....and I beat the game, that's AWESOME, also, you die.....a LOT, specially at the beginning, they don't lie when people say this is the Nintendo version of DARK SOULS:

I'm been playing games since I was a little baby Darwin yet to draw his first juicy ass shot.....wait cof, cof, world is not a new concept for me, but my god....I never experience one that was this MASSIVE and GORGEOUS, when ever I set to explore a region in BOTW it took me hours.....and I mean 3 TO 4 HOURS, and never got bore, I never see a more interconnected world in a game like this one, all so seemingless without any loading screen bother me every 3 seconds, BOTW 4 years developed was WORTH IT, this world feel so ALIVE, from the NPC you encounter, the Enemies behavior, the Animals you hunt (shhh you poor little foxes, so adorable and cute, I'm so sorry, but I need it the meat), your horses, the Landscape, the weather, everything affect your gameplay one way or the other, the different extreme weather, been a simply raining day that make difficult climbing, or light storms that force you to only equip wooden weapons that break easily with strong enemies, there is SOO MUCH DETAIL put into this game, is just amazing, this is a world that suck you in and never let you wanted to leave.

-Battle System, Cooking and Exploring:
The Battle system of this game is unforgivable to the players, even with max stats armors, normal enemies can deal TON OF DAMAGE even some can nearly kill you with one hit, so you have to be careful approaching enemies camps, but is really part of the fun the many ways you can approach the combat in here, also the Cooking mechanics, is soooo muccch FUN, and make worth recollect every bit of fruit and meat you find in your way so you have ton of food to eat and avoid dead in some crucial moments. But my favorite thing about this game is EXPLORING, you find sooo much STUFF in almost every corner, some very easy to get......some REALLY HARD TO, but I never get empty handed, as much I love games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider, I hate exploring in those games, you wasted time checking suspicious corners of the land sometimes to find NOTHING just wasting time, and force you continuing a very linear path, with very little reward if you dare to explore.......that's never happen in BOTW, you find many stuffs if you adventure to explore any corner in the map, feeling rewarded for take the risk to jump a suspicious cliff or climb a very tall mountain, you can find anything and everything in this game MATTER, from the items the enemies drop at death, to any little mushroom you can get, to every Korok seed you can put your hands on, everything is worth your time.

-Breakable Weapons:
My first impression with this almost made me stop the game COMPLETELY, I hated that the weapons could break, I start the game and after leaving the Great Plateau, I feel powerless with this thing.....but after I push myself into......I ended LOVIN THIS....This mechanic make you have to approach enemies more smarted, you have to think before using one sword....and that feel actually great, plus when you get better weapons you start getting stronger, and use all your resources more wisely......until you get the MASTER SWORD AND START WRECKING HELL ON THOSE POOR BASTARDS XD.

-Beating Strong enemies and Bosses:
There is an strange satisfaction when you grow and learn to beat the living crap out of a Guardian or a Lynel, with the progression of the game Link get stronger and so your play style, when I start I have to run away from big enemies like Hinox and Lynels.....SPECIALLY LYNELS (damn it those fuckers), but when you start to understanding the mechanics and combat and have enough hearts, you can beat the living crap of these enemies and man.......SO SATISFYING.....Specially cut the legs of the Big Guardians, almost make them looks so defenseless:


-Characters Designs: Everything in this game is gorgeous, specially the characters you find, if you are a Zelda fan you know the Hyrule world already, but it never looked this good, from the Zora people, to the Koroks, the Gorons and the Sheikahs, the designs in this game are A-CLASS, I loved to just stare Gerudos and Sheikahs (who didn't stare at Paya's butt after hearing she have a birthmark in her left butt cheek.........I DID, DON'T JUDGE ME XD):

-Shrine Hunt: Probably everyone favorite thing to do in this game is hunt for Shrines, BOTW replace the tedious old temples with hundred of  Shrines smartly placed and hiding all the land of Hyrule, you need these to upgrade Link's health and stamina, all are shortest than any pevious temple in The Legend of Zelda, but all are so ingenious in the way you have to beat them, you need to think and some are really challenging......again NO NAVI or FI to annoyingly tell you how to do anything here, you have to figure these out YOURSELF.

This dynamic allow to some people came with some incredibly creatives ways to even skip the puzzle solving, cause there is NO INVISIBLE WALL to stop you this time:

 There are so MANY different ways and experiences that you can have with this game, and that made the game replayability so much BIG than many others games.

-GO  WHERE EVER YOU the ORDER YOU WANT: One of the most fascinating things is that there is non linear path to follow see a mountain in the distance and want to go there, just GO, you want to skip the bullshit and Kill GANON after left the Great Plateau......GO FOR IT (if you have the skills), there is not a single ONE directional way to approach this game, you can do it the way you want.......everyone will have a very different experience playing this game and that so great and I wish we could have more games like this.

You know how many times in modern game history we have encounter a game we were so hype about....just to find out that in order to complete the 100% you....need to PAY MORE!! and the amount of content in that game is just lacking, unless you do 2 things.......1 BUY ALL THE DLC CRAP, or 2 the one I prefer.....WAIT FOR THE COMPLETE EDITION!! the one that came like 2 years after the release of that game and have all the DLC unlock, meaning that all the people who buy the DLC content were ROBED......yeah is annoying isn't? Well thank GOD Nintendo thinks different, and I respect them for that, when they release a game is a FULL GAME, and this is the BIGGEST they have made.........there is sooo much CONTENT here that I think still no one have FOUND ALL, yes you can do all 120 Shrines, but you might left a chest, a Korok seed, a Memory, a secret boss, an unexpected food that an NPC give you by saving him, an special Horse, an Armor Piece, etc......there is SO FREAKING MUCH inside this game and you only need to pay the release price......unless you count Amiibos content for the "specials armor and clothing".....I take that and not the freaking alternative costumes in some Fighting games (cof, cof SFV, COF, COF.......I still love incomplete demo), this make the upcoming actual DLC content reveal at E3 like actual EXTRA CONTENT that you know is new.....not something that is already in the DISK and you need to PAY extra like you didn't already expend $60 dollars on it.....even more if you brought Collector editions.

-THE STORY: The final part and probably the part that everyone experience the......LESS in this game is the actual story......make it actually great every time you get a cinematic cut is so play HOURS in here without ever encounter cinematics and this is really know how many games now are just CINEMATICS and you barely feel like played anything, just press a button in a quick time event (cof, cof, Uncharted 3 and 4, cof, cof), look I love cinemas, first time I play a game and stop to show me a little movie was Metal Gear Solid 1, it blow my mind and I loved, but the important thing was.....I STILL PLAYED THAT GAME, when ever was playtime it was long and entertained, now days is just a few minutes of play, ton of talk, and boom CINEMATIC, quick time event, you beat the lame and unsatisfying. not the case on BOTW, the story is important and FEEEL IMPORTANT despise been very simple, and all is because YOU ARE THE ONE PLAYING the STORY, if you don't feel to go to Ganon after beating the 4 Beasts you can keep just exploring the land as you heart content, you aren't FORCE to do it, the same with the missions and side quests, the more important thing is that you play the game, you meet the people in every town you resolve their problems, YOU....THE PLAYER....THE "LINK" experience the WORLD and his people thought the GAMEPLAY, that's why helping a Geruda who is lost feel important, YOU TAKE YOUR TIME to go and look where she is, find the clues, and help her back.......this is sooo simply, I really don't want to sound like my grandpa, but in my times.....that was how GAMES WERE, story never was the most important thing, it was the GAMEPLAY and the time you spend in that one game what matter....this Zelda got that RIGHT.

 Overall, I can talk MONTHS about this took me literally 2 months to beat it, and if wasn't because I died that much (I did but that besides the point XD), it was because I get suck into this WORLD, I frankly never wanted to stop, that's how you know you play something TRULY SPECIAL and for that.....Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma and director Hidemaro most sincere congratulations.....not only this was a great experience to play, but as right now....The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.....stand as my favorite Zelda and game EVER.....period.

Ratting: 10 out of 10 (Worth BUYING INDEED SEAL OF APPROVE).

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