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My Best TV and Movies 2014

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 28, 2014, 8:48 PM

Hi Folks, 2015 is getting closer and closer, so I wanted to make something that I did last year and is make a list of my favorites movies of this year, but this time also add my favorites TV series of 2014 as well, I think this year have a lot of good stuffs that we all saw in theaters or in our comfy homes so, let's see what I think was awesome this year.

This as well will be a art feature I choose some fan arts of different artist of the films or series I gonna talk about, I need to say, this are my picks, of the movies and series I saw this year that impact me for many reasons, so, let's stop talking......oh but yeah first some honorable mentions:


-Mr. Peabody & Sherman: A very underrated animated film from Dreamworks, and I think a very good one that no so many people have been credit to, if you haven't see it, and are a fan of this character, give it a watch.
-300 Rise of an Empire: Very surprisingly fun film, not better than the original, but still a fun experience to watch.
-Boxtrolls: Another film of Laika studios, very entertainment and full with likable and colorful characters, maybe not as good as ParaNorman or Coraline, but still show case the great quality of this stop motion animation studios.
-Appleseed Alpha: Another excellent addition for the Appleseed franchise, fill with great actions scenes and badasses characters.
-Amazing Spiderman 2: Still in my opinion a good film despise the harsh critics, not perfect but what it need to do right it do it right and that is SPIDERMAN.
-The Book of Life: A beautiful animated film, incredible in every aspect and a must watch for animation film lovers.
-The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies: A great film and a very welcome finale for the epic saga of the Hobbit, even if I personally don't enjoy it as much as the Desolation of Smaug, I still think a worth film to watch.
-Nightcrawler: Such a fantastic film and a perfect performance by Jake Gyllenhaal, this is a film that will creep the living shit out of you, with a amazing script and acting from Gyllenhaal, Reene Russo, Bill Paxton and so many more.
-Interstellar: Another great film by director Christopher Nolan, with a great story and characters, if you are a fan of Nolan work, definitely need to check it out.

Ok let start with television FIRST:


This year so many gems were UNLEASHED in TV that I couldn't forgive me if I not talk about this, these are not in a particular order, let start with:

-HANNIBAL (Season 2):

Hannibal by kanapy-art  Hannibal by fayrenpickpocket  Hannibal by teralilac

Such an AWESOME show, a great investigation and psychological-trilller that will keep you in the edge of you seat the whole time, filled with awesome performance and characters, from Laurence Fishburne (Jack Crawford), Hugh Dancy (Will Graham) to the incredible and scary performance of Mads Mikkelsen who totally owns the role of Hannibal Lecter in every way possible. This series is fill with a great story, terrific acting, gruesome murders, and very creepy atmosphere that make this world so cold and chilling, but still open you appetite every time you will see Hannibal cooking something even if you know you shouldn't eat it :fear:

-SHERLOCK (Series 3):

sherlock by abuseim  Sherlock by Loopydave  Sherlock by sakimichan  The Excellent Mind by Artgerm

Another incredible crime drama that will blow your mind, this show is awesome and each season get better and better and this season 3 (oh sorry series 3) was not an exception. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman once again give us so much joy with their awesome performance as well the rest of the awesome assemble cast, another excellent season full with great characters and a incredible new enemy, but the return of Sherlock Holmes is something in this season that make it so great to watch. Now we need to wait and see if we get to a 4th series XD.

-ARROW (Season 3):

Arrow by c44zi  Arrow by MeTaa  Arrow - Arsenal (2014) by scotty309

I got to admit not a huge fan of CW, but they given us 2 hell of awesome comic book series today, and Arrow is nailed everything that need to nail. With an already 3 seasons of run, you can see the actors and the stories are getting better and better, creating a great universe that may even surpass the suppose "cinematic" universe Warner aspire to build in the big screen. Arrow is a fun experience to watch, filled with colorful characters and ton of actions and great stories, still the season is not over, but the mid season finale was AMAZING, definitely give it a watch.

 -THE FLASH (Season 1):

<da:thumb id="499828606"/>  CW's Heroes by theCHAMBA  CW Reverse Flash UPDATE 10 10 2014 by LucasBoltagon

The second CW comicbook adaptation series, Flash deliver all the geeky sci fi silliness that you expect in this type of stories, and with a very likable assemble cast (for the most part....there are some annoyances in here....looking at you Candice Patton). The best part of this show is defined the villain Dr. Harrison Wells played by the amazing Tom Cavanagh, his motives and plans are a mystery that will keep you guessing the whole run. Another praise is the excellent performance of Grant Gustin playing the lead role as Barry Allen the Flash, so bad he is not gonna play The Flash in the upcoming film. So far the season is solid with some minors complains in some actors, but I guess just as Arrow with time will get all better.

-GRAVITY FALLS (Season 2):

Gravity Falls by miikanism  Fallin' for Gravity by theCHAMBA  What if ''Gravity Falls'' was an anime (Youtube) by Mikeinel <da:thumb id="461116448"/>

MABEL IS BACK!!! and all sort of craziness with her XD, lovin so far the second season of Gravity Falls, all the crew of the Mystery Shack is back on business and this time Dipper is trying to reveal the greatest mystery in the town......who is the Author of the books? the comedy and the writing in this show is just amazing and this season is at it's best, cannot wait to see the rest when the second half of the season return in January XD.


Ryu and Ken - Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist by reyindbz  Akuma VS Goken -  Street Fighter Assassins Fist by Balthazar321  Street Fighter Akuma by youngsilas27  Ken Masters (Alpha) by TixieLix  Street Fighter : GOUKEN by youngsilas27 
Ok this is not TV, but like is a web series I gonna count it in (and besides who don't watch more you tube today than any TV channel XD). This series are a WELL DESERVED REDEMPTION for a franchise that have been cursed in the big screen time and time again by morons that never take the source material seriously, Joey Ansah and his team teach all those assholes HOW IT IS DONE PROPERLY and successfully exceed all expectations. SF Assassin fist is a beautiful love latter to all Gamers and SF fans alike, that for years waited for a faithful adaptation that took the material seriously and with an awesome cast, a great script and incredible martial arts fight Choreography, SF: Assassin Fist become the BEST video game adaptation OF ALL TIMES.  


TMNT by Natsu-Nori   Usagi TMNT by Michael-Chang  TMNT DA KL by rubtox  IDW's TMNT Animated 18 Subscription Cover by theCHAMBA

What ever that possesses Nickelodeon for make them release 2 seasons of this show and Korra.....keep it XD. As I talked before season 2 of this show was PERFECT, and season 3 is going still strong (a little slow yes, but still good), I seriously have nothing else to say that watch it and enjoy it, and Nick.....keep this GOING!!

-THE WALKING DEAD (Season 4 and 5):

The walking dead - Ashes by maXKennedy   Carol Peletier by AmandaTolleson  The walking dead - Alone by maXKennedy  The walking dead - Rick Grimes by maXKennedy  the walking dead - Daryl x Beth by maXKennedy

Talking of a show that nearly LOST me with season 4, and now WIN me over with season 5, Walking Dead is a show that simply refuse to die as the walkers in it XD. Season 4 although it have it fair share of great episodes I simply was not into the show anymore, and the season finale lost me.....when season 5 start in order to even give it a chance I ASK a friend of mine that SPOILED ME the first episode, of how much I wasn't in watch it, and I swear...if he wouldn't told me that the crew escape from the idiots in Terminus in the first episode and the badassery of Carol, this defined not would be here. This season (so far, still is not over) have been a blast, full of action and good character developed, defined one of the best seasons in the Walking Dead run so far.


Game of Thrones: Jon Snow by hart-coco  Game of Thrones : Oberyn Martell by p1xer  Game of Thrones-Jon Snow by KoweRallen  Kings are Dying Like Flies by CanisAlbus  Tyrion's Trial by Balqama
MY GOD THIS SHOW IS SO AWESOME!!.......4 epic seasons, can't WAIT for the fifth to come XD. Say that this season was good doesn't cover was awesome!! so many great thing happens, a Jon Snow that finally show case how badass he is, 
Tyrion awesome speech in his trial, Sketetons fights, magic, more dragons and all sort of epic things that just GOT can give us, if I got one minor complain and it will be a nitpick of my part is how they (oh SPOILERS) deside to get rid of that asshole of Joffrey, not that not was sweet....but c'mon RR.....he deserve it something more brutal. Anyway this season was amazing and I can't wait for season 5.......damn when the WINTER is gonna arrive XD.

and you probably will figure it out this one is gonna be here too so:

-THE LEGEND OF KORRA (Book 3 and 4):

Korra x Asami - Just the Two of Us by Artipelago

Kuvira - The Legend Of Korra: Balance by MeTaa  Korra la Kill by strunza  Korrasami by FromGoldMidas  Asami Sato - The Legend Of Korra: Balance by MeTaa  Korra Fighting in The Swamp by SolKorra  Korrasami by plastic-pipes  Kuvira - LOK Book 4 fanart by aConst

Mako and Bolin - The Legend Of Korra: Balance by MeTaa  LISTEN UP, KORRA-FANS!!! by worldends4me  COLLAB Looking for Raava by YAMsgarden <da:thumb id="484898131"/>  Convergence by kathrynlayno  Korra War Paint by Artipelago   Korra and Asami by MTerrenal

TLOK The End by Dilutra  LOK - Season Finale by Terra7  With you by DonRondo <da:thumb id="501997721"/>  Avatars by blindbandit5  The Last Stand by lieusum   Toph Beifong by MaHenBu

Korra by Koikii

You all know this one was coming didn't you ;)? My absolutely favorite TV series of this year have to be Korra, such a fantastic run and a great finale given us so much fun an emotion for years to come, I seriously gonna miss this series. Book 3 and 4 were just AMAZING, evolving the characters, giving us fantastic antagonist and elevating the scale to epic proportions, breaking boundaries that cartoon shows never dare to step up, this show sure living to the standards what their creators Bryan Konietzko & Michael Dante DiMartino make with Avatar the Last Airbender and now Korra herself can proud to be consider.......a LEGEND.

Now here are my 10 films that make it this year in my favorites top 10 (again my picks):

TOP 10 FILMS 2014


GODZILLA by GrievousGeneral  Godzilla by Surk3  Godzilla by kclub  Godzilla Poster by EdwardDelandreArt  Godzilla anniversary commission by blackmyst

THE KING IS BACK indeed!! I know a lot of people find it lacking this film when it comes to Monsters, but I freaking enjoy it, it was such a fun experience to see Godzilla in the big screen and his scenes were amazing, besides we get a great performance by Bryan Cranston and that's never something bad.


The Don't Lego Movie by Zenox-furry-man  Lego Movie Wyldstyle by Darkness1999th  Lego Movie 02 bestmoviewalls 00 by BestMovieWalls  Lego Movie TVG 02 BestMovieWalls 00 by BestMovieWalls  Lego Movie TVG 01 BestMovieWalls 00 by BestMovieWalls

A good way to start this year and a very welcoming surprise, the Lego movie was AWESOME, an incredibly funny film with a gorgeous animation that give us a very interesting story that throw a few curves that none one saw coming, love it when I saw it and still do, this one proves that when you put effort and care in something, "Everything.....can be AWESOME".



I could find any artwork so.....trailer ^^;.......this one I nearly didn't see it, I watch it this weekend and I glad I did....once again David Fincher bring it with another fantastic story and executed flawless. With a incredible cast this film did everything a good mystery thriller need it to do and keep you in the edge of your seat the whole time, Ben Affleck really did a great work in this showing great acting skills, but the scene stealer is defined Rosamund god this woman need to be nominated to an Oscar for this. Definitely a 10 out of 10 for me, so check it out if you still haven't see it.

7- BIG HERO 6:

Big Hero 6 by SimomarK  [Big Hero 6] Tomodachi by kuroshinki  Big Hero 6 by charlestanart  Big Hero 6 by KurosakiSasori-kun <da:thumb id="474087768"/>  Gogo Tomago by gin-1994  Gogo Tomago by FullMeTalAof

Disney + Marvel.....what is not to like with this combination XD. One of my most anticipated films of this year and defined didn't disappoint at all. BH6 have the perfect blend of emotion, comedy and action you can expect from a high quality Disney/Marvel film, amazing and colorful characters, a very funny and emotional script and exciting actions scenes, give it a watch and discover the awesomeness for yourself.


<da:thumb id="468158036"/> 
APES... BETTER... THAN HUMANS! by envidia14  Caesar ~ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes by AdovionArt  Caesar by HawkeyeWong  Dawn of The Planet of The Apes - Caesar by Kaigetsudo 

A film that teach some directors that CGI characters can be developed and not need to be just Specials effects painted in the Background (take some damn notes Bay). Dawn of the Planets of the Apes (damn that's still long) is a fantastic film that deliver everything a great sequel need to have, expanded the universe and the characters to whole new levels, keeping the focus always when it need to be....THE APES, and giving us a hell of an emotional and intriguing story when really there is no a clear Badguy, is just different point of views and you care for each of the characters. A great performance by both Andy Serkis and Toby Kebbell.


Magneto  XMen  Days of Future Past by DaveRapoza  Mystique by Ryusoko  XMen  Days of Future Past full team by DaveRapoza  Quicksilver by longjunt  Days of Future Past by BryanValenza X-Men Days of Future Past 2014  - Mark Kelly by wobblyone  Blink: Days of Future Past by nilaffle  X-Men:Days of Future Past by Xiling

After the disaster that X3 and Wolverine Origins did, Bryan Singer did what a lot of people (me included) think was impossible... restore the franchise to higher standards....and make QUICKSILVER AWESOME!!.....this film is just amazing, great story, amazing use of the characters, great action, and a memorable ending. What else you can ask, give it a watch if you still don't see it.


Edge of Tomorrow by RobDuenas  Edge of Tomorrow: Pitch Art 1  (2010) by ukitakumuki  Edge of Tomorrow 04032014 by WarrGon  Edge of tomorrow by Saryetta86  Full Metal Bitch (Edge of Tomorrow Fanart) by tyler-fei  Edge of Tomorrow - Love Me Again by Exaxuxer

My god did this movie is AWESOME!! Still is one of my favorites film of this year and a very surprising for many, great film. Despise to bomb practically in the box office I'm glad a lot of people have discover this film in DVD and Blue ray and have give it a great support, praising the story and the amazing action. This film is a non stop fun ride to beginning to end, that give us a Cowardly Tom Cruise instead of the typical badass, and a TOTAL badass female performance by the lovely and talented Emily Blunt, probably the most underrated action/sci fi film of this year, give it a watch if you haven't see it yet, you will not be disappointing.


the light before we land by sandara  The Winter Soldier by Ry-Spirit  The Winter Soldier by Zeilyan  The Winter Soldier by W-E-Z <da:thumb id="445592688"/> <da:thumb id="442230776"/> Winter Soldier by DeanGrayson 

A Long Winter by Hellstern  Captain America: The Winter Soldier by MeTaa  winter soldier by wizyakuza  winter soldier by bk090909  that person's name is ... by sandara

Another awesome Marvel film, at this point if DC/Warner not bring it with Dawn of Justice...THEY ARE FUCKED!!....Winter Soldier did everything what a good sequel should always do and exceed it with high grades. This film deliver a Fan-fucking-Tastic story, a incredible well passed use of the characters and expanded the universe not only for Captain America but Marvel cinematic universe as well. Chris Evans is AWESOME in this as Captain Steve Rogers, he make Cap A BADASS in this, there is not too much left to say, other than this film is freaking AWESOME. 


The Guardians Of The Galaxy by ProfessorAdagio  Guardians of the Galaxy - We are groot by maXKennedy  Guardians of the Galaxy by ramida-r  Guardians Of The Star Wars Galaxy by Cakes-and-Comics  Guardians of the Galaxy by edwinhuang  Guardians of the Galaxy by PatrickBrown  Guardians Of The Galaxy by AndyFairhurst

Rocket Racoon Guardians of the Galaxy by cowcoholic  Guardians of the Galaxy by Attyca  Guardians of the Galaxy by Ghostbrush   Guardians Of The Galaxy by yinfaowei  Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora *Fixed* by Ganassa  guardians by TovioRogers <da:thumb id="478019914"/>

And only Marvel can surpass....MARVEL.....and that exactly what they did with this film.....I was pretty sure my favorite Marvel film of this year was gonna be Winter Soldier....I was dead wrong XD. Guardians of the Galaxy was indeed the most surprising Hit from Marvel studios, everyone was expected this film die in the box office, but not only did surpass Cap, it become the highest Box Office hit from Marvel/Disney this year. With an amazing cast of likable misfits, Guardians deliver a terrific FUNTASTIC SCRIPT, hilarious characters, incredible visuals and expand even more the already big Marvel Cinematic Universe. Oh and this is another fine example that CG Characters, can STOLE THE SHOW!! with Rocket Raccoon and Groot as prime examples.......did you get that MICHAEL BAY....TAKE SOME FUCKING NOTES.

But for incredible that Marvel was, for amazing Planet of the Apes, X-Men, BH6 and the rest absolutely favorite film of this year was:


How To Train Your Dragon 2 by tantaku

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is coming by mstrychowska  How to Train Your Dragon doodles by TwilightSaphir  Let's play by mstrychowska  How To Train Your Dragon - Free Spirits by ComplexWish  How to Train Your Dragon 2 by Kadeart0  Hiccup vs Hiccup by Kadeart0  Where No One Goes by iya-chen

Dragon Race by imDRUNKonTEA  How to Train Your Dragon 2 by chi-charo  HTTYD 2 by sharkie19  How To Train Your Dragon 2 by bk090909  How To Train Your Dragon 2- Stoick and Valka by BlackCrow06  Viking Love by polkapills  HTTYD2 by Milady666

Dragons Parade! by Tenaga   Valka by Tapwing  Stoick and Valka by Chopstuff  For the dancing and the dreaming by juliajm15  Hiccstrid by Jeff-Mahadi  Valka and Couldjumper by kiasherria 
Candy Tooth Toothless by TsaoShin

I still not found a single flaw in this is GORGEOUS. As an animation film lover this was my favorite experience in the theater, I saw this film 3 times and tear up each time with some scenes, it's fun, is dramatic, is adventurous, is Dreamworks BEST animated picture I dare to say, it's epic in all scales and didn't disappoint me in any single scene. From the amazing script that surprise you a few times, to the amazing animation, this film is a masterpiece, creating such memorable scenes and characters that you care the whole run of the movie, and the score is beautiful, I can listen this score over and over again. Indeed How to Train your Dragon 2 not only surpass it's predecessor, but become a instant classic in my eyes and probably in many others.

Well folks that's all my favorites TV and Movies of 2014, defined a good year in general, I know some great films that I heard were amazing not appear in my list like Birdman, Whiplash, Imitation Game and so many others, but as I say is my list and some of those films didn't get to my country U.U, now I'm curious to know, what were your favorites TV shows and movies of this year? let me know in the comments and Merry Christmas folks and have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR . 

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