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Darwin Nuñez
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Niko and the Sword of Light (Season 1)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 17, 2017, 8:18 AM
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I just have a single question.............WHY IN HELL NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THIS SHOW???

This have to be the best RANDOM encounter series I have ever found and in the best way possible. I wake up yesterday been a free day on my country I decide to took the day off, looking for the new animated film of Batman and Harley Quinn I encounter this gorgeous poster of this animated show, I click and found the series have already 13 episodes, in my head I was like....well the poster looks nice but the animation would never match that art style or look that good, let me see the first 5 minutes, if I don't like it I keep my searching for the Batman film......I click I watch the INTRO.........................short story, I watch the entire SHOW in 1 day, and still the question in HELL no one is talking about this beautiful, amazingly animated definitely inspired on Avatar the Last Airbender, breath taking show? HOW??? This Amazon Kids show blow my mind, I wasn't expecting the quality of this, the voice acting, the animation, the story, the characters, the WORLD, everything about this show surpass any expectation and I need to talk about it, because NO ONE IS DOING IT.


-The Story: In an strange world ruled by darkness every 100 moons a great Champion is born and try to vanquish the evil Nar Est and bring peace to the land, but everytime the darkness prevail, our story begins when the champion is awaken sooner than he should by accident and destroying the only method the ancients have to reborn him, now the new and young champion Niko, need to team up with the Princess of the land Lyra in order to protect him until he is ready to face Nar Est, but the evil sorceress discover the last champion and is focus in end the battle once and for all. This story is very familiar in structure but is told magnificently well, each episodes keep the story moving forward and exploring the land, the best way to describe this show is....Zelda meet Avatar tlab meet Ori and the Blind Forest meet anything HAYAO MIYAZAKI.....that's will be the most accurate description I can give right now XD. 

-The Animation: I wish I can add more clips besides the trailer, but sadly that's the best I can find not even the intro is on you tube and that's so sad.....because this series can rival Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and anything that is currently aired when it comes to animation, is smooth and gorgeous, the backgrounds looks like a Miyazaki film, filled with amazing creatures designs and places and also excellent action scenes, surprisingly BADASS, the colors pop all time and the light is very cinematic.....did I say is GORGEOUS.....oh I did, well's freaking GORGEOUS.

-Cast and Characters: If you wanted to know if this show have quality, ask who was the voice cast director......the ONE AND ONLY ANDREA ROMANO (Batman TAS, Avatar, Voltron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Justice League, etc) I keep saying it, if you see her name attach to some project its going to be good and this was no exception, the voice cast was excellent and the characters are beyond amazing. They remind me a ton to Avatar specially Niko's characters is pretty much like Aang, except he uses a sword but their personalities are so much alike, Niko is super likable and a goofball, love the battle and want to safe his people, he enjoy water slides and want to help as many creatures he can, also he is hillarious, imagine Aang if he speaking in a THOR like way, you get this character XD, Niko is voiced by Andre Robinson who did an spectacular job with him. Princess Lyra (Voiced by Kari Wahlgren) is Miko's guide and protector, she just want to free her people from the prison Nar Est keep them, she felt the guilt of all Champions failures, specially her last one who was the closest to defeat Nar Est, so she is worry that Niko is still not ready to face him, yet Niko is the one who show more qualities as a champion, not only wanted to defeat Nar Est but also curing all the Darkness spread in all the land and protect every creature, during the journey both learn and grow thanks to each other, Lyra is my kind of female character, kind, strong a total badass in the battle, but fragile and emotional in the right moments, he relationship with Miko and her previous Champion Aura was amazing, really become my favorite character in the show, but great heroes need great villain.....that is also cover in this show....Nar Est the powerful evil sorceress is voiced by the Legend himself, Steven Blum (Wolverine, Spike Spiegel, Starscream, Amon, Zeb Orrelios) the best way to describe his character is imagine if Jaffar from Aladdin have a child with Aku from Samurai Jack, who happens to have Starscream personality from Transformers Prime.......yep that is NAR EST, it that doesn't sound epic to you my friend, your definition of epic is poor, Nar Est is a blast, he is as funny as he is intimidating, and even have a bird pet like Jaffar (a crow in his case), he was the perfect foil for our heroes and every moment he have in screen was awesome and hilarious. We also have a great support cast that include the legendary Jim Cummings (Darkwing Duck), Kevin Michael Richardson and even Dee Bradley Baker who provide all animal voices here.......wait........Dee Bradley Baker, Andrea Romano, Steven Blum all worked on Avatar.....damn this show not only got inspiration from that it also took some of their talents XD.

-The Tittle of each Episodes: This is a funny positive, but I love the creativity when they entitled an episode, all episodes are named of places they were to the places they are currently going, for example: "From the Temple of Champions to the Bridge of Doom" or "From the Endless Expanse to the Thorns of Tribulation" everytime I heard the voice of the protagonist saying these tittles I smiled a little, is an small detail, but it show they really plan every detail on this beautiful show.

-The WORLD of Curumdale (I have no idea how to write the name): Curumdale....Quorumdale, Kurumdale? Damn it Why there is no wiki page of this show ever that is, this work is breathtaking beautiful, with many places to explore like the Pools of Destiny, the endless expanse, there are so many places our heroes travel in just 13 episodes that really surprise me, all episodes uses its 20 minutes long to really flesh out the land and they did a magnificent work with the universe and characters that populated this amazing place.

 Overall this show is a little gem, one that I'm afraid because is distributed by Amazon have been overlook and more people should been seeing this amazing show, go look for it and enjoy it, 100% totally a recommendation, if you love things like the Hobbit, Legend of Zelda, Avatar the Last Airbender, Princess Mononoke, and fantasy theme shows, you are going to love this one......oh and please AMAZON.........SECOND SEASON, not just let us with 1, this deserve more seasons indeed.

Ratting: 10 out of 10 (with a Badass seal of Approve).

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